General Bato in tears. “Ang sakit. Ang sakit."

Chief Ronald “Bato” Dela Rosa turned emotional. Photo credits to The STAR/ Mong Pintolo, File.

Fresh News: Philippine National Police’ Chief Ronald “Bato” Dela Rosa can't help but burst into tears in the senate investigation due to the harsh interrogation on policemen being pointed in the killings of drug suspects.

A crying General said, “I am grieving for the majority of my men yung buhay nila naka…tapos i-accuse niyo kami ng pulisiya na ganun. Ang sakit, ang sakit. Magpakatamay kami para sa inosenteng tao. Mahirap naman sabihin niyo na may policy na malawakang pagpatay,”

This statement he uttered after Senator Hontiveros, minority block member, said that it looks as if there is a “pattern” on the slayings of drug suspects.

Dela Rosa, upon hearing Hontiveros, started to be emotional and tried to safeguard and defend his group from implications that there is a guidelines of drug suspects execution.

He even notified and alerted Hontiveros and other critics in believing that there is a protocol to kill drug suspects.

“I’m willing to go back to Davao ‘pag na-prove mo 'yan. Masama na sabihin mo na ganun. Dapat you should be careful,” he said in tears.

Hontiveros answered back and said that all of them just wants to reveal the truth and since they are all Government officials, there is no use to threaten.

Hindi po kailangan sabihin na 'you should be careful. Lahat po tayo nagtatrabaho, nanumpa magsabi ng totoo. We presume that we are telling each other the truth.” She said.

She also added that General Dela Rosa was bearing the accountability of presidential’s office for the deaths that activists and human rights groups mentioned were finished as policemen piloted the drug war.

General Dela Rosa came to tears during the Senate panel’s continuous investigation on the death of Kian Loyd Delos Santos in Caloocan City on Aug. 16 followed by the death of Carl Arnaiz, 19-year-old whom Caloocan police said fought back with them after believably robbing a taxi driver.

Although with muscular build and strength as a rock, PNP chief has a soft heart that cares for his fellow policemen who had been killed in duty, asking the critics that they should also be included to the voyage for justice.


Bato man kung  tawagin, puso nya ay malambot din. 

Kumpara kay Senator Hontiveros na kulang na lang ay sungay at buntot.

Ano ang  masasabi nyo sa  pangbubully ni Hontiveros kay General Dela Rosa mga kapwa Pinoy? 

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