"Just fighting for the Less Fortunate", Not a Pedophile.

CHR Chairperson Chito Gascon. (Photo credit to facebook.com/senateph)

Fresh News: As opposed to what President Rodrigo Duterte's statement last Saturday, questioning Commission on Human Rights' Chairperson, Chito Gascon if he is a pedophile, CHR Commisioner, Gwen Pimentel Gana on Sunday safeguarded the latter.

President Duterte on Saturday was not able to contain his frustrations anymore and reprimanded Gascon on the chairperson's focus on the young male's deaths.

The President said in his speech, "Why is this guy so pre-suffocated with the issue of the young people, especially boys? Are you a pedophile? Mahilig ka sa mga bata?"

"Halos na lang mag-iyak ka ng dugo. Of course it's repugnant... Pero teenager ka na nang teenager. Hala, araw-araw. You are so fixated with the death of young males, kaya nagdududa ako na pedophile kang gago ka," he added.

Ms. Pimentel-Gana, to the rescue, said in an interview that their chairperson is not a pedophile and his only interest is the well-being and safety of the minors because they are the society's "weak and vulnerable" members.

She also said that pedophile cannot be compared and never can be a symbol of a person who battles for the right of those unfavorable ones and they are just doing and following what they are asked and mandated to do.

"Pedophile cannot be used as a metaphor to describe a person who fights for the rights of the less fortunate. Nakikita naman natin," she said.

She also added, "Ako, I know Chito Gascon is not a pedophile. Definitely not and he is there to fight for the weak and the vulnerable, and the children are actually part of the sector of the weak and the vulnerable. And I think he is doing it from his heart,"

"The CHR is mandated to investigate these kinds of killings. We are just doing our mandate to investigate these cases," she added.

Pimentel-Gana also said that she had a talked with Speaker Pantaleon Alvarez regarding the assumed P1,000 CHR's budget and the speaker would be eager to raise the budget if Chairperson Gascon will
leave his job.

She also mentioned that the House leaders should speak to Gascon personally regarding their problem with him.

She said, "Kung meron man silang complaint kay Chairman Gascon, I know na Chairman Gascon is willing to listen. Pwede siyang kausapin, sabihin nila kung anong complaint nila,"

She indicated that CHR is a constitutional body and the P1,000 budget will make the agency useless and will have to terminate it eventually, that whatever the House of Representative's reason for the proposed budget is not fair.

"But to hold the institution hostage sa kanilang kung ano mang rason meron, I don't think it is reasonable," said Pimentel Gana.

She also said, "So I think kung ano man ang complaint nila, they should not make institution suffer because the institution is created by the Constitution to protect and promote human rights of everyone. So I think they should respect the Constitution,"

Pimental-Gana also made an earnest request to the public and lawmakers to comprehend the CHR's role as they are directed to do it.

The agency's role according to her is to closely watch the Government for them not to abuse their power. And they should be the one to ensure safety of the people. She also added that they don't have a plan to destroy the Government, hence, are praying for the Government's works and plans.

She said, "Kung sa tingin nila makulit kami sa gobyerno, kasi yun talaga ang aming mandato na bantayan ang gobyerno, na hindi sila mag-aabuso. That they will protect and promote human rights,"

"Wala po kaming agenda na ibagsak ang gobyerno, and as a matter of fact, we pray for a lot of things in what the government is doing," she added.

Source: GMA News, gmanetwork.com

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