President Duterte to face "Hunger Games" protest.

The Oppositions' Hunger Games Three-finger salute. (Photo credit to Digital Journal)

Fresh News: On Monday, lawmakers' opposition, critics and other members of anti-Duterte coalition carried out and mimicked the three-finger salute from the smash movie "Hunger Games".

This three-finger salute was used by Katniss Everdeen, the main character in the Hunger Games series, and was characterized as an emblem of battle and defiance in a dystopian future where youths are mandated to join an annual fight to the death combat.

This salute is now being used by the oppositions as a sign of defiance against President Duterte's rule and drug war killings.

The anti-Duterte groups, with their three-finger salute in unison, also announced the protest on September 21, Thursday as opposed to what they said was his "path filled with violence, contempt for law and hate."

Gary Alejano, member of House of Representatives told AFP that they adopted the salute to symbolize refusal, same as that of the movie Hunger Games while Emman Hizon, Senator Hontiveros staff said that the salute echoes with the young ones.

"Yes, we adopted the three-finger salute to signify resistance, same as that of the Hunger Games trilogy," he said.

"It resonates with many young people," said Emman Hizon,

Same gesture has been adapted by Thailand's pro-democracy protesters in military junta-ruled. It has been said that by using that three-finger salute, those Thai protesters have been arrested.

In the Philippines, hands signs are effective symbol, an unruly democracy with a blood-soaked history of military dictatorship.

President Duterte himself has his own iconic gesture. A clenched fist raised at or above eye level that is indeed in demand to his supporters but of course his opponents compared and linked the said gesture to that of Nazi leader Adolf Hitler's hand salute.

Same goes many years ago, oppositions of the dictatorship of Ferdinand Marcos, used the "L" sign, and because of that symbol, the late President Marcos was ousted in "People Power" revolution in EDSA last 1986.

While supporters of Marcos had retaliated it with a "V" for victory sign.


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