ROCKAMANIA!!! A Rock concert at Rizal Park


National Parks Development Committee, Labs Kita Sabado, SX Manila, and Banana Rising Recording Studio presents "ROCKAMANIA"! A Rock concert at Rizal Park featuring: Kjwan, Alikabok 2.0, Beia Stone, Black Wolf Gypsies Music, BYAN, and GRT - Gin Rum and Truth.
Hosted by: Djan Dwaine H Canary and Paul Martin Ross. Gates open at 4pm.

Rockamania poster. Photo Credits to Panda Choco Photography

Fresh Pinoy Music: SXManila (Sound Experience Manila), a group that holds and organizes music event productions with a mission to organize, plan and execute successful events to their customers and clients, together with Banana Rising Recording Studio, an affordable recording studio in laid-back South Metro Manila where live sound come through, and National Parks Development Committee that provides the general public with access to and enjoyment of an open park that showcase national heritage through programs aimed to promote Filipino arts, culture and tradition, will be presenting a special event on Saturday, September 16, 2017 that will surely Rock the Park.

Talented and great Pinoy bands that will be playin’ are:

Alikabok 2.0 – a band with passion for music that plays alternative rock with a hint of blues and funk. Armed with a more mature perspective and a refreshed lineup and is geared to change the OPM landscape, one hit at a time.

Band members:

Bong Cervantes- Bassist and Vocalist

Arvin Ian Gulin- Guitarist and back up vocals

Daniel Victor Laguesma- Drums

Photo grabbed from Alikabok 2.0 Facebook Page

Beia Stone – an Indie band that plays Alternative, Pop, Rock, & OPM from Makati City.

Band Members:

CYRIL Cabornay - VOCALS | RHYTHM guitars

JAY Mercado - LEAD guitars | BACKUP vocals

MERVIN Fernandez - DRUMS

REX Alzona – BASS

Photo grabbed from Beia Stone's Facebook Page

Black Wolf Gypsies Music - a high energy Rock n Roll and Blues band based in Las Pinas and Alabang. The band was born on August 21, 2010. With a rich background in Blues and Classic Rock, each member envisioned a return of Rock n Roll in the local Music scene.

Band Members:

Mike Twain - Guitars / Vocals

Bryan Pernis - Bass / Back-up Vocals

Jun Divinagracia - Drums

Photo grabbed from Black Wolf Gypsies' Facebook Page

Byan – Young musicians from Cavite with a catchphrase “Ang bandang BYAN ay nag papakita at nag sasabi, na hindi lang love song ang pwedeng isulat ng kanta”

Band Members:

Daniel Liwanag - Song writer/Vocals

Jamael Omar - Lead guitar

Jolo Hilario - rhythm Guitar

Cris Cabirting - Bass

Mark Tirona - Drums

Al De Vera - Percussion 

Photo grabbed from  Byan's Facebook Page

Gin Rum & Truth- an intense, dizzying, and uncompromising band that espouses the sentiments of “freedom” and “no holds barred, no-nonsense” and “belief in one’s self”, and spares no wholesome images to express these sentiments. Fans of classic rock and 90s grunge and alternative will surely enjoy their rockin’ performance.

Band Members:

Yok Tano on Vocals

Snide on Guitar

Martin Salvano on Guitar

Mey Reyes on Bass

Iñigo Mortel on Drums

Photo grabbed from Gin Rum N' Truth's Facebook Page

Kjwan - Hailing from Manila, the band’s headstrong break into the rock scene in 2003 marked the start of the five-piece group's rampage of laying waste to other bands by playing rock music as it is meant to be played.

Their influence, despite former lineup and label changes, grows larger as ever, making them a hot commodity and one of this generation's respected rock acts & has become one of the most influential musicians in the country and a touchstone of Filipino musical artistry.

Band Members:

Marc Abaya

Enrique De Dios

Kelley Mangahas

Boogie Romero

Eo Marcos

Photo grabbed from Google

The event’s official sponsors are Crescendo Audio and Music Store, National Commission for Culture and the Arts,, Panda Choco Photography, Our MEDIA PARTNERS: MANILA BULLETIN,RAKISTA, PULP Magazine, One Music PH, Pinas FM 95.5, BHBT Rocks, Business Mirror, and Pilipino Mirror.

So for those that have a real love for music and would like to hear good songs & watch great acts from Pinoy musicians, here’s your chance to be a part and witness a great rock event for free, happening in the heart of Manila.

See you there and let's all Rock the Park!

Source: Facebook Pages of National Parks Development Committee, SX Manila, Banana Rising Recording Studio, Kjwan, Alikabok 2.0, Beia Stone, Black Wolf Gypsies Music, BYAN, and GRT - Gin Rum and Truth.

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