Solano, Admits Lying to Police Because "They" Told Him To Do So

John Paul Solano, in Senate Probe (Photo Credit to

Fresh News: One of the principal suspects in the death of Horacio "Atio" Castillo, a student of Santo Tomas University, finally declared what he knows during the Senate Probe on Monday.

John Paul Solano, one of the suspects, conceded that he had to tell a lie to the police because he was ordered to do so by his co-Aegis Juris Fraternity Members.

Solano also restated that he does not know Castillo personally and that he was not in any way part of the incident but was only called by co-frat members to examine Castillo due to his medical training.

He recalled how he found Castillo's body and how he brought him to the hospital. 

He said that someone from their fraternity called him Sunday morning, and asked him to go to their frat library without telling him the reason why he should go.

"Someone called me, it's a number. They just said na punta raw ako sa frat library," He said

Solano declined to name the frat member but said that same person called him again and after asking why, the person finally told him the reason why he should go to the library.

Then he was briefed that someone fainted inside their library.

He recalled "The same frat member called me. I asked why, because the first time they called, I didn't ask why....I asked why but they said basta. The second time, they told me the reason why I should go," 

Because Solano is a registered medical technologist, he examined Castillo's pulse and vital signs when he got to the library and before he brought him to the hospital, he recalled that he also gave Castillo a cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR).

He then decided he needed to bring him to the hospital and was not alone that time. 

Solano then admitted that he needed to tell a lie to the police because he was ordered and instructed to do so by one of the frat members whose name he will include in his affidavit.

"They told me to say it [that he was alone]. [He is] A frat member that I would include in my affidavit po," Solano said, alluding to the frat member who commanded him to tell the falsity.


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