Trillanes is Hiding Money Offshore. -PRRD

Senator Trillanes and President Duterte. (Photo credits to Inquirer)

Fresh News: On Saturday, President Rodrigo Duterte made his move to strike back at Senator Antonio Trillanes IV, his most vigorous critic.

The President said that he has an evidence that Trillanes is concealing money in bank accounts abroad.

Photos of alleged bank documents spread in the news and internet displaying remittances of $50 to accounts assumed possessed by Trillanes in banks in Canada and Switzerland.

Those said photos showed dollar remittances allegedly under Trillanes’ name from different banks abroad namely Taishin International Bank to UBS Bank Zurich, Nova Scotia Bank in Toronto, Deutsche Bank in Geneva.

President Duterte’s supporter, Ms. Mocha Uson also posted the same photos in her blog but eventually deleted it for some reason.

The allegation was the newest happening of outburst of President Duterte versus Trillanes, who from the start of his campaign has been trying to bring him down and has become his toughest critic.

As per the President, they have become, Trillanes’ “favorite target”. From accusing them of having P200 million hidden in banks, search for ill-gotten wealth up to the rural banks of Tawi-Tawi if there is one, and now the accusation to his son, Davao Vice Mayor, Paolo Duterte and son in law, Mans Carpio having relation to illegal drugs and member of a drug syndicate.

However, he will stand firm and will provoke & challenge those apprehending him and his children to show and divulge their proof of evidence and said if anyone can present a case of corruption against them, he is willing to resign immediately.

Repeating his campaign promise, PRRD said, “Find that money and if it’s there, I will withdraw my candidacy,”

But nothing, however, had been found because he was not corrupt, and gave his commitment that if he will win, there will be corruption no more.

Now I gave you my commitment when I won, there will be no corruption,” he said.

Until now there was no substancial evidence against the first family and all are only hearsays from Senator Trillanes.

Now it’s President Duterte’s time to show what he got and said that Trillanes owned joint accounts with a Chinese businessman who was engaged in trucking and has a business in Manila.

PRRD said that he already has some of the pieces of evidence and soon will show and present it.

At a speech during the closing ceremony for the 26th Mindanao Business Conference (MBC) in Cagayan de Oro, he said, "Trillanes’ money were “all over.” “Hong Kong, Australia, America,”

Now I got them. Trillanes, thought I cannot do it.”, he added.

In his speech at the MBC, the President repeated his pledge to fight corruption because he detested it.

The President said, “There will be no corruption in my government,”

Meanwhile in a text message, Trillanes denied the allegation and dared the President to present precise details about the accounts and said “‘That’s not true. That’s fake news. Duterte is a liar.”

He challenged PRRD to come up with details and if so, will sign the bank waiver.

“I challenge him to come out with details and I will promptly sign a (bank) waiver so that the truth will come out,” Trillanes said.


And the tables have turned..

Ikaw naman ngayon ang magpaliwanag Senator Trillanes.

Ano sa palagay nyo mga kababayan? Meron nga kaya syang milyon-milyong nakaw na yaman? Ito ba ang dahilan kung bakit pilit nyang binabaliktad ang kwento? Takot mabuko at matigil ang panloloko?

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