Dept. of Budget Official, Fired by Pres. Duterte due to Corruption

President Duterte ( Photo credits to Rappler and Presidential Photo owner)

Fresh News: October 19, Thursday, President Rodrigo Duterte confirmed that he laid off another government official, an undersecretary of the "Department of Budget and Management" (DBM).

The President did not specify and name the government official because he does not want to embarrassed the family. This he said during a talk in front of advocacy groups' migrant workers.

But though he did not reveal and discuss the specifics regarding the person he just kicked out of the office due to corruption, he expressed his frustrations by saying that he wanted to slap and kick the corrupt official.

"I wanted to slap him. I wanted to kick him. I fired him for corruption," he said in a speech during a Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry event in Manila.

It can be recalled that the President already made his statement and warned government officials that are messing around to stop their wrong doings or else he will fire them.

Along with his campaign to end crime and illegal drugs, he promise a corrupt-free country within his presidential term and is ready to onslaught corrupt officials, threatened that he will "skin them alive" if found guilty.

He also said, “I will not promise you heaven but I will try to stop corruption"

The president also pronounced that  there are three employees who are using their power and position to make those illegal acts.

"There were 3 employees in my office, influence-peddling. This one was tinkering with the money, I told you stop. S-T-O-P," President Duterte said.

This decision of President Duterte to fire government officials regardless if they are his allies or not, only shows that he really has zero tolerance for corruption and will make sure that deviating officials will be held accountable before the law.

Meanwhile, Ernesto Abella, presidential spokesperson also refused to affirm the official's identity, same goes with Budget Secretary Benjamin Diokno who is fated not to respond to any queries regarding the said news.

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