Honeylet on President Duterte: If He Orders to Kill, Why is Trillanes still alive?

Ms. Honeylet Avanceña (CTTO)

Fresh News: Honeylet Avanceña, President Rodrigo Duterte's long-time partner, protected the President and defended him on allegations that he is at the heels of slayings.

This, she said during the launch of the Philippine National Police (PNP) officials program called "Life After TokHang". A project that is attempting to support a complete means to resolve war on drugs, where the President is widely blamed.

Ms. Avanceña's dispute was clear and simple: If the President, and the father of her daughter is a murderer, his political adversaries will no longer be alive.

Ms. Honeylet Avanceña (CTTO)
Ms. Honeyler Avanceña and President Rodrigo Duterte (CTTO)

She said that despite of Senator Antonio Trillanes' criticisms to their family from the start of President Duterte's campaign, the senator is still alive and out of danger. Avanceña added that the President is not the person to order such killings to his enemies and will never instruct anybody, to kill for no reason. He will never do it because he is a lawyer.

"You've seen it, Trillanes has been hitting us since a week before election. Eh bakit buhay pa siya? 'Di ba? Wala naman nangyayari eh so it's not true. You know that he's not that kind of person," she said.

Senator Antonio Trillanes (CTTO)

She also recalled how President Duterte forgave former Speaker Prospero Nograles, his long-time critic in Davao and how the President decided to forget their conflicts.

"Nograles himself has done not very good things to him in the past, but look how forgiving he is," she said, referring to Duterte burying the hatchet with Nograles.

She added, "He will never instruct anybody, the Armed Forces, or the PNP for that matter, to kill for no reason at all. Hindi niya ho kaya gawin 'yun, abogado po siya."


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  1. Sana nga may Davao Death Squad at itumba na sila mga bwuset sa buhay ni Digong!

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