"Love Life. Fight Drugs" - DDB

The Dangerous Drug Board (Photo Credit to Philstar)

Fresh News: On Monday, Dangerous Drug Board (DDB), the Philippine government agency that makes policies, strategies and programs on drug prevention and control, announces the launch of their new campaign called "Love Life. Fight Drugs".

Dionisio Santiago, DDB's Chairman said that this campaign aims to change the sequential events encircling the government's war on drugs.

The campaign would also focus on the government's "left-hand approach" or "different approach" to stop illegal drugs.

Santiago also said that the government will continue their fight on illegal drugs but this time they have to use a different approach.

"The fight against drugs is about protecting the life of the people. It is about the life of a drug user who needs help to free himself or herself from drug independence. It is about protecting the life of people against the threats of drugs," she said.

Chairman Santiago added that they would also pinpoint on preventing the abuse of drugs to people by means of preventive education, advocacy and civic awareness programs and for those people to join and participate in the anti-drug war campaign.

DDB are looking to send-forth this campaign in November, coefficient the Drug Abuse Prevention and Control Week's celebration.

One of the Board's goal is also to host a fun-run, an anti-drug fair and exhibit, an anti-drug concert and livelihood and skills training programs

Another intention of the campaign is to get the support of the private sectors to prohibit the abuse of drugs in national and local community by having their own programs and projects.

"Facilitate capacity-building of organic and related personnel involved in the enforcement of drug laws and prosecution of drug cases, and rehabilitation of drug offenders and their reintegration into mainstream society." is one of their main focus as per Chairman Santiago.


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