Marawi "Heroes", Excited for Hongkong Trip

The President and the Marawi soldiers. (Photo credits to Rappler and the owner of Presidential Photos)

Fresh News: Finally, after five months of surviving the forceful and fierce Marawi battle, the soldiers and military units have been emerge to take their rest and will go back to training after.

The Philippine soldiers now after the war have very high hopes and are looking forward to rest, vacation, and relaxation.

More so, most of them are very excited for a chance to go on a trip to Hongkong as promised by President Rodrigo Duterte himself 2 months ago when the president visited Marawi.

Mayor General Restituto Padilla, Spokesman of Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) mentioned in a press briefing on Friday, Oct 20 that the soldiers are very thrilled to end the war because they know that after that comes the Hongkong trip.

"That's why soldiers are excited for the war to end because they will continue on to Hong Kong," said Mayor General Padilla

Succeeding his visit in Marawi, the President told the soldiers that he would raffle off the expense-paid Hong Kong trips as a compensation and prize for their heroism and bravery and all their efforts recovering the city.

The prize of a vacation to Hongkong would go to soldiers bestowed with the Medal of Valor,
commonly called "Medal of Bravery", usually associated with military forces, police forces, or other public safety entities, given to personnel who have served with gallantry, often for those who have engaged in specific acts of courage.

"Siguro may prize ako 'yung ano, 'yung Valor, 'yung mga tigas. Mga Hong Kong siguro," the president said.

President Duterte also said that the soldiers who will win the raffle can bring along with them their spouse and children and concluded that the soldiers must bring with them their loved ones because a vacation without the family is worthless.

The soldiers after the war deserves to be with their family because he knows that during those days in the battle, the Marawi heroes yearned for the presence of their loved ones.

Pres. Duterte said, "Hong Kong, that's free. If you want, bring a partner, your spouse, I'll have a raffle. If you're lucky, you can bring your spouse and children, they'd always hanker for the children and the wife.".

The President also proposed another option to the soldiers who would not want to go overseas. That option is a chance and opportunity to meet their favorite celebrity.

"Kung ayaw mo naman, ituro mo 'yung artista na gusto mo at pakiusapan natin
," said Duterte in August.

Meanwhile, apart from the Hongkong trip that he promised, President Duterte also vowed to give firearms to the Marawi heroes as a token of gratitude.

According to Mayor General Padilla, this pledge of the President is now being accomplished slowly and evenly and a formal turnover of 500 firearms was already given to the soldiers by the Commander-in-Chief himself.

Padilla also mentioned that some of the 3,000 to 5,000 more firearms that were purchased from a local company are arranged to be delivered yet and was seized some time to pull out due to acquisition process.

The military spokesman said, "There was a ceremonial turnover of 500 firearms, which our Commander-in-Chief gave to our soldiers,"

It can be recalled, that President Duterte visited the attacked city of Marawi, more than once a month. 7 times to be exact, within that 5 months of armed battle and war.

The visit to the battle ground, was just one of the President's many ways to express his care and concern, acknowledgment and recognition for the men and women who put their lives in danger and fought to save their county and countrymen.


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  1. Enjoy your vacation Soldiers, it's worth an effort. Thank you to all our HEROES m.