Bangon Marawi Tarpaulin (Photo credit to Davao Today)

Fresh News: In line with the ASEAN Business and Investment Summit (ABIS) scheduled in the country on November 12-14 where business leaders worldwide meet in relation to economic, and cultural development of Southeast Asian countries, more help and assistance are expected to happen to restore the war-torn Marawi and the lives of it's people.

Aside from hopeful help and support for Marawi rebuilding, George Barcelon, Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) Business Advisory Council (ABAC) member, said that they are also expecting possible business investments in the Philippines from foreign companies.

Adding that there are many infrastructures needed in the country, more so, additional funds are vital to construct houses, roads, and hospitals.

"Here in infrastructure, like power, roads, all these (and) in the agriculture sector. A lot of infrastructures are needed in the regions, whether they are in construction, in water,” Barcelon said.

Barcelon also mentioned that there are 250,000 residents who were moved out of Marawi City are now finally coming home and they are starting to plan what kind of livelihood program they will provide them to open another opportunities.

We (also) have to look at what kind of industries can be set up that can provide livelihood (opportunities for them),” he said in an interview.

He also pointed out possible chances that embassies can take to figure out the ways to help the City's rehabilitation including cities near it.

“All of that will translate to more economic activities in the Marawi area. That will (also) help Cagayan, Iligan,” Barcelon added.

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