President Duterte Promises to Fight for Women's Rights

President Duterte in his office in Davao City. (Photo credit to Rappler)

Fresh News: President Duterte' state of mind and way to deal with women have drawn mixed reactions and responses.

But amidst the dirty & malicious minds and accusations of others, the President made a commitment to empower women during his presidency & supported the pro-women reproductive health programs and Violence Against Women help desks described as "model" initiatives in local government by the Philippine Commission on Women.

And now, as the Nation denoted the International Day to End Violence Against Women on Saturday, November 25, President Rodrigo Duterte said that his administration "will keep on fighting for the privileges of women and children."

PRRD commended the Philippine Commission on Women (PCW) as it grasped an 18-day crusade to end violence against women and for its commitment in their shared advocacy of reducing violence against women and children through an improved response system across the country."

In his letter, Pres. Duterte said, that the event echoes the call for balance, regard, and nobility for ladies and young ladies paying little heed to their remaining in the public eye and that it is important that we stay unflinch in developing a group free from brutality and proactive in tending to these kind of issues.

"This occasion echoes the call for equality, respect, and dignity for women and girls regardless of their standing in society. It is crucial therefore that we remain steadfast in cultivating a community free from violence and proactive in addressing the difficult issues that the sector faces." PRRD said.

He likewise urged the organization to keep encouraging "important activities and supports that will convert into concrete and positive activities and guaranteed to investigate the announced ascent in child and sexual abuse cases in the nation.

The president also promised that he will keep on fighting for the privileges of ladies and youngsters and asked the country to cooperate in building a solid nation.

"Rest assured that we will continue to fight for the rights of women and children. Let us work together in building a strong nation rooted on social justice and equality," added President Duterte.

Source: Rappler

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