"Are You Also Clean?" - President Duterte to Rappler


Fresh News: On Monday, January 16, 2018, President Rodrigo Duterte crashed Rappler, an online news website for blaming him for badgering after the Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) cancelled its certificate of registration over issues with its Philippine Depositary Receipt.

At the inauguration of the Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines', President Duterte said that he and his people had never use their hands to interfere with Rappler. He actually let them do their job.

"We never had a hand," The President said.


He  also said that those that are looking for fairness must be faultless. He then asked the online news website that is now attempting to denounce and blame him if they are also clean.

"He who comes to equity must come with clean hands. You’re even trying to, you know, throw garbage at us and then, the least we can do is to explain. How about you? Are you also clean?" President Duterte added.

The President additionally specified that he has one SEC deputy only and said that what happened to Rappler is not political. He actually let the online news website do their thing, hit at him but he kept his silent.


He also pointed out that the issue now is not about freedom of press yet the manhandle of the first class and people with significant influence.

Pres. Duterte said,  "How could it be political? You have been throwing trash and sh—, pero pinabayaan kayo... 'Pag may nasilip, sabihin n'yo naman na harassment. 'Pag kami nagmura, masama,"

"The issue is not press freedom, but the abuse of the elite and those in power," he added.

Source: GMA

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