Bongbong Marcos Shows Proof of Alleged Cheating. Challenges Robredo to Allow Recount.

Ferdinand "Bongbong" Marcos and Leni Robredo (CTTO)

Fresh News: On Monday, January 29, 2018, Ron Gagalac, a Filipino journalist, posted on his twitter account, showed and said that former senator Ferdinand "Bongbong" Marcos asked Vice President Leni Robredo to permit a recount of votes as he was able to exposed asserted proof of assumed cheating in the 2016 elections.

On his first post, the journalist tweeted how former Senator Bongbong Marcos indicates proof of what he said as duping for VP Leni Robredo amid the 2016 elections.

Photo from Ron Gagalac's Twitter account (CTTO)

"Former Senator Bongbong Marcos shows evidence of what he said as cheating in favor of VP Leni Robredo during the 2016 elections."

On the journalist' second post, he said that Marcos challenged Robredo and asked the latter to pull back all her pending petitions as he would do the same so they can both continue the vote recount.

Photo from Ron Gagalac's Twitter account (CTTO)

"Former Senator Bongbong Marcos to VP Leni Robredo on election protest: withdraw all your pending petitions, I will withdraw mine, and let us proceed to recount."

His third post actually demonstrated the delicate duplicate of a poll where three vice presidential competitors were shaded. The vote, he guaranteed, went to Robredo rather than the vote being pronounced as void or "over vote."

Photo from Ron Gagalac's Twitter account (CTTO)

"A soft copy of a ballot presented by former Senator Bongbong Marcos to media showed that the voter shaded three VP candidates but the vote went to VP Leni Robredo instead of the ballot being declared as void or overvote."

It can be recalled that Bongbong Marcos, now 60 years old, lost the election for vice president by 263,473 votes. He had filed a case with the Supreme Court charging that Robredo controlled modernized vote checking machines.

Source: ABS-CBNTwitter

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  1. This anti Duterte and anti Mocha the media wants Mocha to resign ? For pets sakes just a mere mistakes , she is not perfect everybody makes mistakes like the rest of us , at least she is not corrupt, she is loyal to the administration and to the Pilipino people , for the media and the bashers leave Mocha alone , why dont you post more about the Dengvaxia , the more than 800,000 children who had injected the deadly vaccines , theres so much problem in the country that needs your attention , why dont you bash Robredo to resign its so obvious she is a fake VP , mainstream Media why dont you post the many good things that the President accomplished in less than 2 yrs in office that the previous President failed in his 6 yrs time . Everyone knows that the media and bashers are so jealous of Mocha , remember jealousy is an illness That can not be cured , so l guess you will all dies of jealousy

  2. That biased media outlets in the country are more greedy in money than exposing the truth because they believe, money is their God! Life is not important to them because at the end of the day, they will not get a single benefit for exposing the Dengvaxia issue unlike twisting the news to cover up the real issue where they will earn so much more.