Facebook Apologizes for Taking Down Marcos Agreement Post


Fresh News: Social media mammoth Facebook has apologized for quickly bringing down a post containing subtle elements of a proposed trade off arrangement between the administration and the group of the late leader Ferdinand Marcos.

The web-based social networking organization experienced harsh criticisms after it took down Gang Badoy-Capati's post which contained data on the proposed trade off arrangement of Marcos loyalist legal counselor Oliver Lozano.

Gang Badoy-Capati, is a radio and television host, feature writer, businesswoman, and educator from the Philippines.

Her post contained correspondence amongst Lozano and government authorities, including chief presidential lawful counsel Salvador Panelo and Justice Secretary Vitaliano Aguirre II and likewise incorporated an unfiled draft enactment that would provide prerogative and immunity to the Marcoses.

The palace however affirmed accepting Lozano's letter, but emphasized that it has not followed up on the issue yet, and likewise kept up that no bargain agreement has been come to with the Marcoses, stressing that a law is required all together for the administration to do as such.

Likewise brought down was a post by Tonyo Cruz, a blogger and columnist, who reprimanded the choice of Facebook to expel Capati's post. And like on account of Capati, the social media giant also reestablished Cruz's post and apologized for the mistake thereafter.

The National Union of Journalists of the Philippines (NUJP) in a statement also denounced the takedown of the posts of Capati and Cruz and said that the act was an immediate encroachment on their users entitlement to freedom of expression.

NUJP also said that they call out Facebook for its self-assertive 'community standards ' and ask the online networking site to audit its rules to guarantee that it won't disregard the general population's entitlement to express themselves freely.

"We call out Facebook for its arbitrary ‘community standards,’ which is often used as a basis for expurgating critical and thought-provoking commentaries,” the NUJP said.

And added, “We urge the social media platform to review its guidelines to ensure that it will not violate the people’s right to freely express themselves,”.

With all these and after all that's been said and done, Facebook, in a statement, said it taken out the post of host and instructor Gang Badoy-Capati because of assumed infringement of their privacy policy as it contained locations and telephone numbers, and said that under their Community Standards they clarify that users may not distribute individual data of others without their assent.

Under our Community Standards we explain that you may not publish the personal information of others without their consent,” Facebook said

Facebook ended the statement saying that after reviewing the post, they decided that the data was  already shared openly and along these lines does not damage their privacy, therefore, they reestablished the substance and sent an expression of remorse,

Upon further review and with additional context, we determined this information was already being shared publicly and therefore does not violate our privacy policy, hence, we restored the content and sent an apology,” it added.


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