Krizette Laureta Chu on Mocha Uson vs Jover Laurio: "See The Difference?"

Krizette Laureta Chu and Jover Laurio (CTTO)

Fresh News: Krizette Laureta Chu, a well-known writer and President Duterte's supporter again fearlessly took stand on Mocha Uson against the assaults of the latter's haters and faultfinders.

In Ms. Chu's latest post, she doubtlessly said that Mocha has no "dark" history compared to Jover Laurio, an anti-Duterte blogger behind Pinoy Ako Blog.

Chu blatantly said that in fact, nobody has turned out and said terrible things in regards to Uson and that everybody who knows her says she's really brilliant and kind. So regardless that while she commits mistakes sometimes, she's as yet a smart individual everyone from her past roots for.

Mocha Uson (CTTO)

She also reiterated the reasons why she together with other Pro-Duterte bloggers know such a great amount of crap about Jover Laurio.  It is actually on the grounds that people from her past and even people she works with now are informing how she's that mean, abhorrent, self important, lying individual who never paid her obligations to other individuals and has a far dirtier notoriety among those who really know her.

Jover Laurio (CTTO)

Chu also added that in comparison with Ms. Mocha Uson, can people see the distinction?

To know more about the said Facebook post of Ms. Krizette, read below.

Chu's Facebook post

"Alam mo yung hate na hate mo si Mocha, and say she's a bad, divisive, stupid person, pero there's not one person in her past who actually knows her that agrees with you? I'm sure not everybody in her past is pro Duterte, but apart from the daring photos you're circulating, there's no "dark" history. No one has come out and said bad things about her. Everyone who knows her says she's actually smart and kind. So you know that while she commits a faux pas here and there, she's still an intelligent person everybody from her past roots for?

Meanwhile, the reason we (as in pro Duterte people) know so much shit about Jover Laurio is because people from her past (and even people she works with now) are messaging how she's this mean, evil, pretentious, lying person who never paid her debts to people? Jover never disrobed and never had her tits fondled in public--things Mocha did as a job--but she has a far dirtier reputation among people who actually know her.

Do you know that Jover Laurio tried to get a pro Duterte, anti-Jover officemate in trouble for posting bad things about her and for sharing posts of pro Duterte bloggers like Sass? She complained to the office about that officemate. Freedom of speech pa more. In her own office many hated her.

See the difference?

What people who actually know you say about you is the real test in this day and age where strangers feign familiarity just because you're a social media personality."

Source: Facebook

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