Krizette Laureta Chu on People Against Mocha: "Sabay Sa Uso Pa More!"

Krizette Laureta Chu and Mocha Uson (CTTO)

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: Krizette Laureta Chu, a well-known writer and President Duterte's supporter bravely took stand on Mocha Uson against the attacks of the latter's haters and critics over the issue of the Thomasian Alumni Award for Government Service that the latter received.

Ms. Uson, who graduated from UST with a degree of medical technology in 1998, received the Thomasian Award for Government Service and was reportedly given the award "to serve as an inspiration to other government workers." The said award was given by the University of Santo Tomas Alumni Association on Sunday.


As expected, netizens rushed to criticize and communicated shock over the alumni association’s choice to refer to Uson for her work in government and actually drew widespread condemnation among the UST students and fellow alumni.

On the other note, the association said that the award did not present a particular criteria and to them, it was only a graduate of UST that qualified them for the award.

Now, Ms. Chu, also a known-Duterte supporter like Ms. Uson, came to the latter's rescue and blatantly posted on her facebook account to question those people who denounces Mocha.

Below is Ms. Krizette Laureta Chu's Facebook post:

Ms. Chu's Facebook post.

"Yung na peer pressure ka maging cool at relevant kaya mas big deal sayo ang may award si Mocha. An award that's not even prestigious, considering somebody like Lito Atienza, anti-divorce, anti-choice, is there. Pa Liberal pa more. Pa Women's Rights pa more.

As if it's made up of people in government service who have SPOTLESS records, untainted by bribery and graft.

Leche, pag sinipag ako silipin ko records ng bawat awardee ninyo tignan natin kung hindi sila mas nakakadiri.

Ok lang sana if may ganitong panawagan din nung pinatay si Atio Castillo. Pero wala.

Kasi Nilo Divina is not a former bold star who works for the government. He's just a lawyer who acted as a go between between Andy Bautista and Smartmatic. He's just a lying dean who didn't tell Atio's parents that their kid has died. He's just someone who mulled over resigning from Aegis Juris instead of resigning from his post in UST. Kasi kadiri. Walang sense of honor. And yet, where was the clamor like this?

And you are a bunch of cowards because you can't call out people who have a hand in your future. Kakatakot nga naman. Baka pag diskitahan.

Si Mocha lang kasi kaya ninyo. And that's the GODDAMN TRUTH WHY EVERYONE PICKS ON MOCHA.

Nakakapang galaiti ang pagka SPINELESS ng mga taong ganito. I don't care if everyone wants Mocha to return her award, pero dapat based sa principle, which seeing the inaction of these people on the Atio Castillo case, they do not have.

Sabay sa uso pa more."

Source: Facebook

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