President Duterte Accused by a Senator for "Conditioning Minds of Filipinos"

Senator Risa Hontiveros (CTTO)

Fresh News: Due to two primary and controversial issues: the proposed vindication of the Marcoses and the augmentation of term limits through a move to federal form of government, an individual from the Senate minority alliance blamed President Duterte administration for molding the minds of the Filipino people.

Senator Risa Hontiveros, said the abrupt talks of a "no decision" (No El) situation, term augmentation, and proposition to drop all arguments against the Marcoses in return for a cut of the Marcos riches is a piece of an expound political correspondence strategy to gauge and manipulate general belief.

Hontiveros said that it does not shock anyone that people in general is being barraged with all these political prospects because as per her these twin political undertakings will decide the destiny of the Duterte government.

She also added that the Marcos bargain arrangement will brace its political cooperation and federalism will expand the term furthest reaches of power-hungry public officials.

Thus, according to her, the general population must not be tricked.

It comes as no surprise that the public is being bombarded with all these political prospects and scenarios coming from the key leaders of the Executive and Legislative branches of the government. After all, these twin political projects will determine the fate of the Duterte government,’’ Hontiveros said.

And she stressed, ’The Marcos compromise deal will fortify its political alliance and federalism will extend the term limits of power-hungry public officials. The public must not be hoodwinked,”.

Hontiveros added that with fake news, Pres.Duterte's government is trying things out, estimating open recognition in regards to the agreeableness of its curved political undertakings, and molding the general population's brain to make false assent.

Together with its command of fake news, the Duterte government is testing the waters, measuring public perception regarding the acceptability of its twisted political projects, and conditioning the people’s mind to create false consent. It is a classic feature of an authoritarian regime. The government is keen on controlling public opinion knowing that it is ultimately the basis of its power and legitimacy,” she said.


The senator also compared the present organization's obvious moves to its fizzled endeavor to mount bolster for a "revolutionary government" and said that President Duterte is attempting to make a phony open racket for new government basically to convince the military to help and support the idea.

Hontiveros explained, "Fortunately, the proposal was shelved in the meantime because it failed to shore up support from the public and sway the military,”

She even asked the public to speak and demonstrate power outside. And even actually requested everyone not to be scared and quieted.

If anything, this regime bows to strong public opinion and pressure. Let our voices be heard. Let us show our strength in the streets. The fear of public opinion by authoritarian leaders points to the potential of our voices as a force of good. We must not be intimidated and silenced,” Hontiveros exclaimed.

Source: Manila Bulletin

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