President Duterte Unworried by IS Threats

President Rodrigo Duterte (CTTO)

Fresh News: After the Indian news site ThePrint revealed that the Islamic State (IS) activists will be targeting on President Rodrigo Roa Duterte while in New Delhi, PRRD, revealed that he can't enable fear based oppressors to set up an Islamic caliphate in the nation.

The President said he can't be stopped by dangers on his life postured by IS militants.

President Duterte has been said to be on the IS' radar due to his abhorrent reaction to terror attacks in Mindanao, especially after the attack of the Islamic City of Marawi on May 23 a year ago.

Photo grabbed from Google. (CTTO)

Now the President, upon arrival from his three-day trip to India, bravely said that if it's his time, then so be it. According to him he ought not be stopped and not be frightened by simply minor dangers.

“Assassination? Kung panahon ko na, panahon ko na (if it’s my time, it’s my time). So I should not be deterred. I should not be discouraged by just mere threats,” Pres. Duterte said.

He also added that as a long-term politician, he has figured out how to live with dangers and had since quite accepted the fact that if it's already your time to go then you must go.

“I’ve lived with it. I’ve been a prosecutor for nine years doing trial work. I live with a – it was a dangerous life then as it is now,” the President said.

You know, I’ve been telling you right at the start, when my time comes, it will come. I will stick to what destiny has given. If I go tomorrow, then I go. I am gone,” he added.

Photo grabbed from Google. (CTTO)
Pres. Duterte also mentioned that he had asked the Presidential Security Group (PSG) not to be so strict in cordoning off the nearby people who need to see him very close and as per him, for PSG, that's a nightmare.

Sabi mo, ayaw mo, gusto mo mamatay, kung patayin ka rin, talagang mamatay ka (You say you don’t want, you want to die, if you will be killed you will really die). Especially ako, lumalapit ako sa tao (me, I’m close to the people). That’s the nightmare of the PSG,” he said.“Sabi ko, huwag niyo ako pigilan (I told them, do not stop me).” he exclaimed.

PRRD with the Marawi soldiers. (CTTO)

Meanwhile, Hermogenes Esperon Jr., National Security Adviser said that the dangers against the President is a piece of the domain and that the President and the PSG have been informed of the circumstance, particularly after the effective operations that liberated Marawi from fierce radicals.

Esperon also said in a text message, that the slightest the militants could do to President Duterte is to intimidate him after the President crushed them in Marawi.

Hermogenes Esperon Jr. (CTTO)

After President Duterte smashed them in Marawi, that’s the least they could do to their nemesis. Threaten him,” Esperon said to Malacañang reporters.

But the President was not threatened at all and rather choose not to be demoralized by simply insignificant dangers.


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