Speaker Pantaleon Alvarez Wants Law That Will Protect "Ugly, Rich Spouses"

Speaker Pantaleon Alvarez (CTTO)

Fresh News: On Thursday, January 4, 2018, Speaker Pantaleon Alvarez wants to produce once again a bill that will secure the privileges of "ugly" spouses whose husbands/wives may have married them only for their riches.

Speaker Alvarez in an interview told that under the civil union bill, the property of couples will remain isolate even after the wedding function. This will nullify the arrangement of total group of property, where spouses are co-proprietors of every one of their belonging, even those obtained previously marriage.

He then added that right now, there are many individuals who utilize alleged 'magical telescopes.' These are computerized and digital apps that naturally process one's total assets.

Regardless of whether one is unattractive, if their total asset is high, their partners would wed them. That is why Alvarez wants to have this bill that will ensure the safety and protection of those individuals who got married only for convenience.

The speaker said, "Marami kasi ngayon e gumagamit ng itong tinatawag na 'mahiwagang teleskopyo.' Digital pa iyan, automatic na nagko-compute ng net worth,"

"Kahit na pangit, 'pag nakita niyang malaki ang net worth, papakasalan iyun. Iyan ang pinoprotektahan natin: iyung mga married for convenience," Alvarez added.

Aside to this proposed law that he filed with other congressmen, Speaker Alvarez is likewise pushing for a bill permitting same-sex partners to arrange civil partnerships and so thus a bill that will permit the simple disintegration of marriage, because as per him, the present law on annulment is costly.


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