Student Leaders from UP, Calls to Overthrow US- President Duterte Government

Photo from Facebook - Anak Bayan UP Diliman

Fresh News: Student Leaders from the University of the Philippines drove by Youth Act Now Against Tyranny on Friday, January 5, held a press conference calling to Oust US- President Duterte Regime.

These youths called for an activity against hostile to individuals arrangements and different human rights infringement, for example, the Oplan Tokhang, constrained expulsions, badgering and illicit observation by the military in various districts across the nation.

Photo from Facebook - Anak Bayan UP Diliman

The "Scholars of the Nation", submitted a memorandum, announcing President Duterte and the US as Number One Terrorist Today.

In this said memo, the student leaders said that they will join to oust US-Duterte administration and will make them responsible for every one of their abominations against the general population.

Included in the letter is a statement that they will unite to battle with all their ability and will organize enormous challenges and protests to express their disapproval and huge contempt under Pres. Duterte's leadership.

Photo from Facebook - Anak Bayan UP Diliman

Below is the full statement from the Memorandum of the UP Students:

Photo from Facebook - Anak Bayan UP Diliman

"MEMORANDUM declaring- Duterte -and- the US as Number One Terrorist Today"

"We, student councils from across the UP System declares Duterte and his Master, the United States of America as the number one terrorist today!"

"We unite to overthrow this fascist US-Duterte regime and be accountable for all its atrocities against the people!"

"We unite to fight with all our might and to stage big protests to express our dissent and great defiance under Duterte’s fascist rule."

Source: Facebook

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