"There's No Government Fund being utilized for Online Trolls" - Malacañang

Presidential Spokesperson Harry Roque (CTTO)

Fresh News: Presidential Spokesperson Harry Roque on Wednesday said there is no "budgetary line item for payment of trolls in social media" including that the administration does not utilize web-based social networking for "factional or political purposes."

Neither thus the government is financing asserted online trolls, which faultfinders say are being utilized by President Duterte administration to threaten protesters on the web.

Roque also said in a news briefing that there are actually online trolls on the opposite side of the political fence safeguarding the earlier administration, assaulting the present government and those trolls are definitely not being paid or otherwise they would not attacked him in the first place.

We find trolls of this nature also on the other side of the political fence defending the prior administration, attacking this administration,” Roque said.

No. Definitely not. If trolls are paid by government, they wouldn’t have attacked me in the first place,” he added, alluding to his past argument with well known online protectors of the President.

Those words have been said by the spokesperson in line with last weeks statement of Ari Melber, an American journalist for NBC News and is currently host of MSNBC's The Beat, wherein he put a focus on how President Duterte probably utilized Facebook to win the decisions and propelled his political plan after his presidential triumph.

He said Facebook held instructional meetings with presidential applicants in the May 2016 decisions and has an administration group that does worldwide work and prepare campaigns from all sides,

Facebook has a government team that does global work…and they train campaigns they say from all sides,” Melber said.

He also said that offering tips to a couple of campaigns in a constitutional democracy can be diverse in offering tips to Pres. Duterte.

However, as per him, Facebook discovered that rapidly and how fake news spread in social media that Pope Francis had supported Pres. Duterte, like a story that made the rounds in the United States soon thereafter, which said the pontiff had embraced then presidential competitor Donald Trump.

Melber said, “But giving tips to a few campaigns in a constitutional democracy can be different in giving tips to this authoritarian, Duterte. And Facebook learned that quickly.

In fact after his (Duterte) team got that Facebook briefing, his allies went into overdrive pushing fake news and accounts along with his wider campaigns,” he then added.

It can be recalled Pres. Duterte scored a dominant part win in the May 2016 decisions in spite of his late section in the race, upheld by solid online networking support.

But nonetheless, Pres. spokesperson Harry Roque said the administration just uses social media to advance and promote its achievements and spread its message to Filipino people.

Source: ABS-CBN

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