A Heartfelt Message from a Filipino Eminent Lawyer: "POLITICS ENDS WHEN PUBLIC SERVICE BEGINS.."

Davao City Mayor Sara Duterte and Atty. Rise Faith R. Recabo (Photo credit to Atty. Recabo's Facebook page)

Fresh News: A concern netizen, an eminent lawyer, an advocate of goodwill and public service, posted her thoughts to a well-known social media site to express her support to President Rodrigo Duterte and Davao city Mayor Sara Duterte.

Her name is Atty. Rise Faith R. Recabo, an avid supporter of the president and his daughter, who believes that way above politics is public service.

Atty. Recabo on Wednesday night posted on her facebook page and bluntly said that politics ends when public service begins.

Atty. Rise Faith R. Recabo (Photo credit to Atty. Recabo's Facebook page)
According to her, in order to provide good service to people, you have to have an honest heart that is ready to serve genuinely, with actions that speaks louder than purpose and promises.

She adds how she supports the president now and admitted that she will also support Mayor Sara Duterte if ever she will decide to continue her father's legacy being the country's president.

She also said that she will support Mayor Sara not on the grounds that she is the daughter of Pres. Duterte but rather in light of the fact that she has indicated to continue what her father has started.
She also shared that she was able to see and feel the kindness for public service that Pres. Duterte and her daughter Mayor Sara obviously have.

Davao city Mayor Sara Duterte

Atty. Recabo also mention that although the country have the President and his daughter as the absolute instrument for the change this nation so seriously needs, change still needs to originate from each and everyone. She said everyone should become a better version of his or her selves because without the better change, the dream to have an excellent life and nation is impossible.

She also pointed out that Pres. Duterte and Mayor Sara have done what they were bound to do and it's time for the people to do their part. If not currently, change will never come.

She then ends her post saying let us learn to love our country and countrymen and the rest will follow.

Read her full post here:

Atty. Recabo's Facebook post (CTTO)


"Beyond politics is public service. It is having the heart to serve the most ordinary of your fellowmen, never just a lip service but an action that speaks louder than the best intentions.

The support I gave for Digong is never about him and when the time comes, if it will come, I will also support this woman not because she is the daughter of Digong but because she has shown she is what we will need to continue what his father has begun so I can live my dream of a better country that my posterity and yours greatly deserve. I have seen and felt it here in Davao City. It will take an accomplished con artist to fake having a heart for public service that the father and his daughter obviously share. I have seen up close her eyes, and as the saying goes, “the eyes is the window of one’s soul.”

Still, Digong as President and Inday Sara as City Mayor are mere catalysts for the change this country so badly needs. It will have to come from you and me. How? By becoming a better person, father, mother, brothers and sisters, sons and daughters, friend, boss and worker. Becoming a leader who leads with a will made of steel but with a heart as soft as a mother’s. Without this, our dream of change of a better life for the next generation of Filipinos is just wishful thinking. They have done what they were destined to do, it is time we do ours. If not now, CHANGE is NEVER coming.

Let us Learn to love our country and our countrymen. And the rest will follow."


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