De Lima on Roque: "He has sold his Dignity and Reputation as a Human Rights Lawyer"

Spox Harry Roque and Senator Leila de Lima (CTTO)

Fresh News: On Tuesday, February 27, 2018, Senator Leila de Lima gotten out presidential spokesperson Harry Roque Jr. for allegedly selling his individuality as a human rights lawyer in return for a conceivable Senate run.

De Lima in a statement said that she is frustrated with the spokesperson because he used to have an aura of credibility and held himself out as a protector of the abused.

I really do feel sorry for Harry Roque. He used to have some semblance of credibility. He held himself out as a defender of the oppressed,” De Lima said.

A picture  of Roque and De Lima when they were still ok. (CTTO)

She then added that Spox Roque has traded his pride and notoriety as a human rights lawyer in return for a senatorial position in the president's party.

The detained senator said, “Mr. Roque, I understand, aspires to one day call himself a senator. There is nothing wrong with that per se... He has bartered his dignity and reputation as a human rights lawyer in exchange for a senatorial berth in the president’s party.”

Last Saturday February 24, 2018, De Lima denoted her first year in detainment. She was captured on Feb. 24, 2017 over drug-related charges.

Senator Leila de Lima (CTTO)

And the most recent word war between De Lima and Roque raised after the latter greeted the senator "happy anniversary" on her first year in detention and called her the "mother of all drug lords."

De Lima in return said she is under detainment as a result of politically-motivated charges and not for being the "mother of all drug lords, and as usual kept her innocence over the issue.

The senator added that Roque may imagine and pretend that he speaks the truth, though it's all affectation and said that gradually in the long run, the truth will set her free that will shaken Roque and his accomplices in disgrace because as per her, she is innocent and they are not.

Mugshot of Senator Leila de Lima (CTTO)

"So Mr. Roque may pretend all he wants that he speaks truths—but that is all it is: a pretense. Slowly, eventually, inevitable, the truth will set me free. But it will shackle Roque and his cohorts in shame. I am innocent. They are not,” De Lima said.

Presidential Spokesperson Harry Roque (CTTO)

In a press briefing on Tuesday, the former human rights lawyer and now the Presidential spokesperson, Harry Roque said when asked to comment regarding the detained senator's remarks about him, then ended his statement, greeting Leila de Lima again a happy anniversary and wishes her to be detained for the rest of her life.

"As I’ve said, happy anniversary on your first year of detention. May you spend the rest of your life in jail,” Spox Roque said.


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