General 'Bato': "I will never be like Fabian Ver!"

PNP Chief General "Bato" dela Rosa and Former AFP Chief General Fabian Ver (CTTO)

Fresh News: In an ambush interview on Sunday, February 25, 2018, Philippine National Police (PNP) Chief Director General Ronald "Bato" dela Rosa, said that he will never be like Fabian Ver, the most trusted military officer of the late distinct Ferdinand Marcos, because he himself encountered and experienced the cruelness amid martial law.

Fabian Crisologo Ver was a General and Chief of the Armed Forces of the Philippines under President Ferdinand Marcos administration, who, like General Bato, had his term extended by former President Marcos.

Ver was presumed to resign in 1976 however Marcos broadened his term inconclusively while General Dela Rosa was supposed to retire on Jan. 21 yet President Duterte extended his term first for three months then indefinitely, due to the issue of scalawags inside the police organization.

Former AFP Chief General Fabian Ver and Former Late President Ferdinand Marcos (CTTO)

On account of the term extensions, the two Generals were distinguished and compared, but General Bato disproved this and said that he will never be like Fabian Ver.

The current Chief General stated that the Ver blood will never run in him and he will always be solely a Dela Rosa from Davao city.

Tell them the Ver blood does not run in my veins. I’m purely a Dela Rosa from Davao,” Chief General Bato said.

President Rodrigo Duterte and his chief General "Bato" dela Rosa (CTTO)

Photo from Google (CTTO)

General Dela Rosa also added that he has very clear memories of the atrocities when the nation was under martial law amid the Marcos leadership and said that he had experienced the burdens that time so he will never do that again.

I have experienced the hardships during martial law so I will never do that during my time. I will never do that again,” Dela Rosa said.


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