Jay Sonza Slams Mayor Herbert Bautista and Former President Noynoy Aquino Over Times Street Gates

Jay Sonza, Herbert Bautista and Benigno "Noynoy" Aquino (CTTO)

Fresh News: Veteran broadcaster and former TV host, Jay Sonza slammed Quezon City Mayor Herbert Bautista in his recent Facebook post.

Mr. Sonza's reaction came after a concern netizen and columnist, Jojo Robles also posted in Facebook regarding his take away to the closure of Times Street in Quezon City where the the former President Benigno "Noynoy" Aquino lives.

Former President Benigno "Noynoy" Aquino (CTTO)

It has been said that the Quezon City government has begun to close to vehicular traffic a part of Times Street in the West Triangle area, an open street that is an imperative bypass for people going to Quezon Avenue from West Avenue and the other way around.

The barricading will avert passage into that portion of the road which goes past Number 25 Times street, where again the former president and his family lives.

Photo from Jojo A. Robles Facebook post (CTTO)

Photo from Jojo A. Robles Facebook post (CTTO)

According to Quezon City Mayor, Herbert Bautista, the immense Times Street gates, which will avert passage into that extend of street that incorporates the place of Noynoy Aquino, won't be shut except from "national security" reasons and was requested to close, not by the Aquinos but by the local barangay chairman, who died recently.

Bautista also said that the doors will be ordered closed only by barangay authorities of West Triangle and their volunteer powers, not by the police or private security guards, at whatever point they think a rally is in the offing.

Quezon City Mayor Herbert "Bistek" Bautista (CTTO)

Herbert Bautista and Kris Aquino (CTTO)

Now, the veteran broadcaster, Jay Sonza has something to say on the issue, particularly to Mayor Bautista for permitting the building of the gate in the said upscale subdivision and questioned why Quezon city citizens to pay for the cost of that gate using their taxes.

He likewise included that national authorities should run and deal with the national road rather than barangay authorities. He additionally incorporated that Mayor Bautista is putting himself into danger because Filipinos now can't be fooled any more.

Below is Mr. Jay Sonza's Facebook post:

Jay Sonza's Facebook Post (CTTO)

"Reax ko ito bilang isang taga-QC: Eh, sa putang inang buhay na to Mayor Bistekt, bakit kaming mga mamamayan ng QC ang papasan sa gastusin ng gate ng iyong sinisinta at bayaw na hilaw.

Isinangkalan mo pa iyong matagal ng patay na chairman ng barangay sa kapritso mong "gated upscale subdivision."

National road to be run and manage by barangay officials and tanod.

Excuse your ass mister bautista, you graduated a course in philosophy from San Beda College, and you know very well that national road are managed by national authorities and not barangay tanod.

Sa totoo lang sir, Lalo mo lang sinilaban ang sarili mo sa isyung ito.

Hindi na maaring gaguhin ang Pilipino ngayon!"

Source: Facebook/ Jay SonzaFacebook/ Jojo A. Robles

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