President Duterte Prefers Quiet Retirement Over Term Extension

President Duterte living a simple life (CTTO)

Fresh News: Now that President Rodrigo Roa Duterte is evidently referring old age, he again denoted that he would preferably appreciate a quiet retirement after his term than broaden his term and stay in control.

Amid the inauguration of a shelter venture in Marawi City, the President demanded that he has "no ambition" to become a dictator and even offered to step down early once the nation moves to a federal government by 2020.

Pres. Duterte said that he's already old and does not anymore aspire to extend his term nor to be a dictator like others are speculating.

President Duterte with his grandchildren (CTTO)

President Duterte inside his house in Davao city (CTTO) 

The President said that others are suspecting that he just wants to pass Federalism and Bangsamoro Basic Law because he wanted to be an absolute ruler.

Sabi nila, ‘Si Duterte gusto lang niya na maipasa ‘yung federal pati BBL kasi gusto niyang mag-diktador.’ Matanda na po ako. Wala akong ambisyon na ganun". PRRD said.

He then added that he already wants to rest and if attainable, he needs to retire in a lovely place where on the off chance that it needs to rain, it will rain.

“Gusto ko ng makapaghinga. Kung maari lang, dito maganda ‘yung lugar. Gusto mo ng ulan, dadating ‘yung ulan". the President added.

The President stands outside his house greeting his visitors (CTTO)

It has been susceptible that President Duterte has pushed for a move to federalism to delegate control from the national government and enable regions deal with their own particular advancement. The consultative committee, made by the President to survey the 1987 Constitution, has as of late proposed a presidential-federal form of government.

He too has over and over tried to disperse theory that the administration endeavors to change the Constitution to prepare for federalism would give him a chance to remain in control past his term.

And it can be recalled that the President prior guided the military to kill him in the event that he turns into a dictator and remains past his single term.

President Duterte, whose six-year constitutional term will end on 2022, said it was the sacred obligation of the military to take care of the Constitution and the general population.

And to prove that he was not yearning for power, the President said he was set up to cut short his term to prepare for a new federal government. 

PRRD outside his house in Davao city (CTTO)

Pres. Duterte also added that once the federal system took place and there's a call for an election for a new president, even if it would be earlier than 2020, he would step down and will no longer wait for his term to end by 2022.

If it’s earlier than 2020, ‘pag meron federal at bagong presidente which will call for an election, I will step down by 2020. Hindi ko na hintayin ‘yung 2022." PRRD exclaimed.

Meanwhile, The Palace prior said the President inclines toward the section of the BBL before the move to federalism is sought after by lawmakers and the PRRD pronounced certainty that the bill looking to make a Bangsamoro region would be passed in Congress.

He also said that BBL can go first, then once a federal structure is created, they will incorporate their contributions before it is finalized.

Yang BBL na ‘yan titingnan namin, lulusot ‘yan. So BBL muna. Ngayon kung may framework na ng a federal, bago i-finalize ‘yan ipasok natin ang gusto ninyo." the President forenamed.

Source:  Manila Bulletin

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