President Duterte to Filipinos: "Always be Ready to Defend and Safeguard your Rights and Freedom!"

President Rodrigo Roa Duterte ( CTTO)

Fresh News: As the country denotes the 32nd commemoration of the 1986 EDSA People Power Revolution, that removed the Marcos administration and slung Cory Aquino to control, protest activities by students and workers marked the run up of today's events.

Although President Rodrigo Duterte has chosen to stay in his hometown for the weekend and miss this year's commemoration, he still gave his heartfelt message to the Filipino people.

And despite of all good and bad judgements he has been receiving, President Duterte is persuading the Filipino people to dependably be prepared to protect and defend their rights and freedom.

In a statement yesterday, President Duterte said that the people power revolution has turned into a persevering image of our assurance to battle for what is correct amid our nation's most demanding times.

People Power Revolution (CTTO)
“The people power revolution has become the enduring symbol of our determination to fight for what is right and –during our country’s most critical and trying times – to defend and uphold our cherished democratic values,” the President said.

He then advised the people to enhance democracy by enabling our citizenry, protecting their rights and reinforcing the organizations that defend their freedom.

PRRD said, “Let us further enrich our democracy by empowering our citizenry, defending their rights and strengthening the institutions that safeguard their freedom."

The President also said that over three decades prior, we have demonstrated the world how courage and willpower can modify the progress of our country's history.

People Power Revolution (CTTO)
“More than three decades ago, we have shown the world how a people’s courage and resolve can alter the course of our nation’s history,” President Duterte said.

Meanwhile, the present celebration additionally came in the midst of the release of an Amnesty International (AI) report labeling President Duterte's administration as one of the top violators of human rights in the world.

But then, Salvador Panelo, the Presidential legal counsel, disproved AI's negative report on the president's human rights record and said that it has been the firm stand of the President to take care of the lives of innocent individuals from the hazardous impacts of illegal drugs.

"It has been the adamant stance of the President to protect the lives of innocent people from the dangerous effects of illegal drugs,” Panelo said.

Drug pushers and users who surrendered during Oplan Tokhang (CTTO)

Panelo also said that because of the administration's hostile to drugs battle, a lot of numbers of drug pushers and users have intentionally surrendered to the authorities.

"Hence, as a result of the government’s anti-drugs campaign, millions of drug pushers and users have voluntarily surrendered to police authorities,”, the Legal Counsel added.

Source: Philstar

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