The PMA Values of Senator T. If Ever He Got One.

Mr. Jay Sonza and the unknown Senator. (CTTO)

Veteran broadcaster and former TV host, Jay Sonza away back surprised netizens with his intriguing post about a certain SenatorT and the latter's Philippine Military Academy (PMA)'s Values.

Let's take a look back amid the PMA's 113th Foundation Day. Mr. Sonza on his Facebook page revealed his fearless opinion regarding the true identity and color of the said SenatorT.

According to the veteran newscaster, SenatorT once led the Honor Committee of PMA Class of 1995; a multi-granted cum laude; a naval engineer-officer officer; an educated scholar; and had every one of the trappings of being an officer and a refined man, but later on, he frightfully changed himself into something that went past extraordinary desires and whatever happened to SenatorT is plainly a dumbfounding mystery.

Mr. Sonza put emphasis on the PMA values of Courage, Integrity and Loyalty that he thinks this SenatorT had none and shockingly opposes the true ethics of a Filipino soldier.

And as per Mr. Sonza, the Senator dubiously gave another meaning to PMA CIL values. That instead of Courage, Integrity and Loyalty, this SenatorT may be defined as "Crappler, Insurgent, Liar", same underlying letters but with extreme opposite meanings.

Below is Mr. Jay Sonza's full Facebook post: 

Jay Sonza's Facebook Post (CTTO)


"Today, the Philippine Military Academy celebrates its 113th Foundation Day, traced from the Philippine Constabulary Academy established in 1905. Alumni-cavaliers travelled far and wide to join this momentous homecoming. All were once received as plebes at the hallowed grounds of Borromeo. I, too, was one 'bug', once a 'bok', and forever a 'mistah'.

Beast Barracks molded civilians into plebes by indoctrinating them with PMA's values of Courage, Integrity and Loyalty. Each cadet is also imbued with an Honor Code of truth, transparency, reparation, and interdiction.

SenatorT once chaired the Honor Committee of PMA Class of 1995; a multi-awarded cum laude; a naval engineer-officer; a learned scholar; and had all the trappings of being an officer and a gentleman.

After a seven-year itch of searching for personal excellence in military-academe milieus, moreover, he eerily transformed himself into something that went beyond great expectations. He ran as Senator, won, but not allowed to sit until a presidential amnesty, not acquittal.

#Courage is the quality of spirit to face danger or pain without showing fear; bravery. SenatorT was once hardened by the "Don't Quit" attitude; of 'take life' — the ingenuity of escape and evasion; of patience and endurance; and a spartan way of life. During the 2003 Oakwood, however, while garbed in full battle gear and regalia, he surrendered an hour after a Sackurian-defined 'pathetic' mutiny.

Thereafter, he became a different breed of #Insurgent: member of a side-armed rebellion against a constituted authority hoping to improve conditions. Then, he tried again four years later: walked out of a Makati RTC hearing; hole himself in the nearby Manila Peninsula; then called for the ouster of GMA. His ideals were heartfelt, but history judged him now as a joyrider by his peers, a traitor by his brothers-in-arms, the ostracized one by some cavaliers, and a caricature for a bunch of bugo-bugos, even the general public.

#Integrity is moral soundness; honesty. The once Honor Committee chairman became the quasi-spokesman (after the 'frailties-of-a-woman' madame with two big mouths was detained for drug-related charges) of a beleaguered political party (which he isn't even a member), with an all-unknowing ex-officio stupIdiot, doubtful thief-in-the-night chairnan, lackluster officers, tainted and myopic allies, and traditional politicians as members.

The SenatorT, with his understudy, filed a supplemental complaint versus the Philippines, particularly a sitting president and his officials for a high-fallutin number of extra-judicial killings at the ICC; primarily using cribbed references from #Crappler plus a host of other news articles spewed by yellow journalism; and two inconsistent witnesses: one a epiphanic diarist-turncoat and the other, a self-confessed murderer.

SenatorT had been on attack mode after the 2016 PiliPinas, regurgitating the same issues as before: bank accounts, drug trade, corruption, etc., but wanted those he accused provide him the evidences by self-incrimination? Not a lawyer, same as he, but he is a legislator, for Juan's sake, who at least must know laws of the land and the ramifications and logic of his own utterances.

#Loyalty is the act of intellectually or emotionally binding to a course of action; allegiance; commitment; devotion. No man can serve two masters: for either he will hate the one, and love the other, or else he will hold to the one, and despise the other.

SenatorT is a card-carrying Magdalo but a true-blue Nacionalista? A self-declared Independent but stood by TindigPilipinas and 'Pirma o Porma'? A convicted mutineer, pardoned, then 'the anointed one' as backdoor channel negotiator to China? He kept a foreign minister out of the loop; hoodwinked an ambassador; then walked out of a confrontation with a Senate President while holding on to a yellow President's dilly-dallying words. Dual roles exist in movies and passenger jeeps, but moreso in real life?

Ladislas Farago's 'Game of the Foxes' — a tome of espionage and WWII history — might give some clues. Spies live a life of lies, deceit, and betrayal; but by duplicity, patriotisn and heroism, too. Lies and deceit are tools of espionage: Richard Sorge, Kim Philby, Aldrich Ames, Klaus Fuchs, and Christopher Boyce, maybe his role models? Or, he might have emulated their other literary counterparts: James Bond 007, Carlos the Jackal, or Jason Bourne, who lived flamboyant, exciting, but fictional lives. Kith and kin were betrayed by real and fictional spies for the sake of money, power, and information. SenatorT once used children to disparage a presidential candidate who spurned, or jilted, his vice presidential dream; and even his own, when replying to the #Damnvaxia brouhaha. #Liars don't go to heaven; but are destined for an appropriate place that they have been all their life.

Whatever happened to SenatorT is clearly an paradoxical enigma, or an enigmatic paradox. Why would he repeatedly flaunt his accomplishments in the 15th and 16th Congress (including RA#10912 or CPD Act, which he himself is exempted?), but what laws have he primarily authored in the 17th Congress? Something doesn't add up, isn't it? Resting on your laurels does not define a gentleman, either. Complacency portends obscurity. Most cavaliers and cadexes still hold these values with reverence; some even made them their way of life, a philosophy.

The PMA values of Courage, Integrity and Loyalty might still be burning in his heart, if ever he got one. Unfortunately, his actions and his words defy correlation. Crappler, Insurgent, Liar? At least, the initial letters are the same. Might a psychoanalysis help? Will the Filipinos be in a state of shock when the inevitable happens? Only time could tell, but will we just forget SenatorT for awhile after June 2019, then fervently hope against hope that he remains silent for the next three years, or until he is newsworthy again?"


SourceJay Sonza

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