"Duterte is the Strongest Man on Earth as We Speak." - Kenya's President

Kenya's President, Uhuru Kenyatta and Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte (CTTO)

Fresh News: Kenya's President, Uhuru Kenyatta has praised the Philippine President Rodrigo Roa Duterte who he claims to be the strongest man in the world right now.

These inspiring words from Kenya to the Philippines was spoken by President Kenyatta amid the annual East Africa Summit where the latter urged his partners to stay firm and oppose any type of intimidation from the west.

He then gave an example where in the Philippines once rejected help from Europe, where he asserted that their help was intended for governing Africa and Asian nations.

President Rodrigo Duterte (CTTO)

It can be recalled that President Duterte then rejected European Union and preserved that the Philippines will no longer accept any aid from the regional coalition.

This rejection from the Philippine President made President Uhuru Kenyatta admire President Duterte more and made him believe that PRRD is indeed, the most grounded and distinct person at this very moment.

According to Kenya's President, it ought to be recollected that Philippines was economically down before Duterte, but because of the latter, Asian nation is being respected by those countries who asserted to be superiors and most powerful. As per Kenyatta, it is without question that President Duterte's work can be seen and felt by the majority.

"It should be remembered that Philippines was down economically before Duterte, today the Asian country is being admired by those who claimed to be super powers. It is without doubt Duterte's work can be seen." said the President of Kenya.

Kenya's President, Uhuru Kenyatta (CTTO)

Likewise, President Kenyatta also pronounced that the west have been supposing they can colonize and control them however President Duterte has set a good model for other leaders to follow.

Also according to Kenyatta, they ought not be scared by the alleged super powers on the grounds that their lands are rich and in fact the European and USA needs them more than anyone, as much as they need President Duterte as somebody to imitate.

"They have been thinking they can colonize us, control us but Duterte has set a good example for other leaders to follow.We should not be intimidated by the so called super powers because our lands are rich. Actually, they need us more than we need them.The European and USA needs Duterte more than he needs them.Duterte is someone to emulate, he's the strongest man on earth as we speak." President Kenyatta added.


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