Former MRT General Manager willing to Drop the Names of People involved in MRT-3 Corruption

Former MRT General Manager Al Vitangcol and the 2014 MRT accident (CTTO)

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: On Thursday, March 15, 2018, Al Vitangcol, Former Metro Rail Transit General Manager, said that he is willing to reveal the names of specific individuals allegedly engaged in corruption in the MRT-3 in return for legislative immunity from suit.

Vitangcol, who is confronting two counts of graft and one count of violation of the Procurement Law regarding the purportedly anomalous PH Trams maintenance contract, said he has since endure to uncover what he knows about the asserted corruption however has been kept from doing so.

He then said that he is willing to answer questions in a proper senate hearing, given that all he says during that particular forum will not be taken against him in court.

Former MRT General Manager Al Vitangcol (CTTO)

"Kung ito ay proper body, let's say a proper Senate hearing, tapos tinanong sa akin sasabihin ko: Ito pong si Mr. A ay magnanakaw -- but give me first an immunity bago ko sabihin yan. Lahat ng sasabihin ko during that particular forum walang pwedeng magkaso," Vitangcol said.

The former MRT General Manager also declared that a major party in the past administration got pay-offs from punishments forced on the MRT maintenance supplier around then.

"During my time, kapag ang number of trains ay bumaba sa 18, pine-penalize namin yan. Every month, we deduct from the P50 plus million maintenance fee itong penalty...At that time palagi nila sinasabi sa akin, 'Sir, puwede po ba wag niyo na kami bawasan ng penalty kasi po magbibigay pa po kami sa partido," he said.


"Magkano bibigay nila sa partido palagi nila sinasabi, 'Sir, kapag nag-penalty pa kayo, kulang na yung bigay namin na P5-million sa partido'...Meron bang plunder? Kasi kung P5 million yan, in a span of 1 year that will be more than P50 million, papasok sa plunder yan," Vitangcol added.

"I would assume, assumption ko lang, since ito nung datung administration, we assume it is the major political party at that time." he revealed.

Vitangcol additionally said in an interview that there is a "concerted effort" to prevent him from uncovering all he knows about corruption amid the previous administration but though he is ready to affirm and testify when he went to hearings at the House of Representatives and the Senate, he was not permitted to talk.

He then revealed that all proof of documents he showed during the MRT-3 hearing directed by the Senate, as led by Senator Grace Poe were kept uncovered and hidden in the public.

Senator Grace Poe (CTTO)

"Lahat ng sinabi ko, lahat ng pinalabas ko ay itinago po ito at walang nangyari, pero lahat po ito ay dokumentado...Even during the MRT-3 hearing conducted by the Senate as chaired by Senator Grace Poe, binigyan ko po siya ng kopya ng isang affidavit na nagsasaad kung anu-ano ang mga alam ko na nangyari sa MRT-3. Ito po ba ay lumabas sa publiko? Hindi ito lumabas sa publiko," Vitangcol exclaimed.

"Ayaw ako pagsalitain. Sasabihin teka muna, just answer the question. Hinintay ko yung tanong, di naman dumarating yung tanong. Ang mga tanong kung ano lang yung gusto nila marinig na sagutin," he added.

Meanwhile, it has been said that there are reports of 2 whistleblowers who will testify against transportation officials of the past administration.

Presidential Spokesperson Harry Roque said the informants assert that a specific "Pangasinan Group" and a few government officials took two-thirds of the payment given to the MRT's previous maintenance provider, the Filipino-Korean consortium Busan Universal Rail Inc.

MRT train accident (CTTO)

But then Vitangcol said that he is doubtful to the said whistleblowers and cautioned that the informants could set up a smokescreen to alter attention far from the individuals who are guilty for the mess in the MRT-3.

"Unang reaction ko doon, who are these 2 people? Kung ma-identify ito, ano ang agenda nila? Totoo ba itong mga ito? Kasi puwedeng baka ito isang smokescreen to cover something..." he said.

Vitangcol added that he knows how the DOTC former officials work and said that he is uncertain if the two whistleblowers are rightful or just there to pass the blame on others.

"Kasi alam naman natin ang patakbo ng mga dating opisyal ng DOTC, palaging ganiyan na passing the blame to somebody else. Itong 2 whistleblower na ito pakawala ba ito ng mga dating opisyal ng DOTC o ito ba ay legitimate whistleblowers?" he ended.


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