"Krissy does not refer to Kris Aquino" -Sara Duterte

Davao Mayor Sara Duterte, Kris Aquino, Paolo Duterte (CTTO)

Fresh News: Davao City Mayor Sara Duterte-Carpio, denied that her brother, Paolo Duterte, Davao City resigned Vice Mayor was referring to media personality Kris Aquino when he utilized "Krissy" as an inscription in a post he shared on Facebook.

Inday Sara told the reporters that from what she comprehends, Paolo Duterte was not at all referring to Kris Aquino when he posted on social media with a caption reading, “Oo nga no…Sorry Krissy ha wag magdrama…Laro na lang PS4."

"From what I understand, when he said Krissy, he was not referring to Kris Aquino." Mayor Sara said.

However, Mayor Sara Duterte declined to answer when asked whom was Paolo alluding to, inclining toward, that her brother should answer the inquiry.

It can be recalled that the presidential son shared a post on his Facebook account, containing the content "the commemoration of EDSA is a reminder of a broken promise 30 years since (2 Aquinos and the corruption that prevailed).” 

Paolo Duterte's Facebook post (CTTO)

This statement of Mayor Sara came in connection, after Kris Aquino also posted on social media inviting Paolo Duterte to meet with her face to face, evidently in response to the post of the former Vice Mayor.

The post of Kris Aquino in reaction to Pulong's, contained a montage of citations and pictures of her and Paolo, along with magazine covers including former President Corazon Aquino and President Duterte, among others.

Kris Aquino's Facebook post (CTTO)

On that said post, Aquino invited Paolo to have coffee or beer with her for them to know each other

The actress and media personality additionally said that on that occurrence, she is not her mothers' daughter, but rather her father's, who trusted that everything could be worked out through face to face talk.

In this instance, I’m not my mother’s daughter, but my father’s- who believed that everything could be worked out through face-to-face dialogue,” Kris wrote.

Aquino then said that she has no plan other than the want for Paolo to actually become more acquainted with her and the other way around and to have the opportunity to listen to each other since there is already an excessive amount of conflicts produced between their families.

I have no agenda other than the desire for you to personally get to know me and vice versa. Too much bad blood had been manufactured between our families. We have the chance to hear each other out,” the Multimedia Queen

The Multimedia Queen, Kris Aquino (CTTO)

On that same post, Kris also guaranteed Paolo that she won't be emotional amid their meeting and added that for those who want to know why she posted the invitation, she took her stand and said that she would rather attempted and communicate than lament not making a move when she already saw a chance to connect with the former Davao City Vice Mayor.

For those who are asking why I am doing this – because I’d rather have tried and reached out and possibly be rejected than regret not making a move when I saw an opportunity to open communication lines…I shall await for your decision and pray that my effort won’t be snubbed,” Kris Aquino wrote.

The actress also said that she will anticipate for Paolo's decision and pray that her effort won't be reprimanded but will respect it if Paolo Duterte would turn down her invitation.

Source:  Philstar

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