Miguel Zubiri: "Boracay is now like Metro Manila with a Beachfront Property.."

Boracay Island (CTTO)

Fresh News: As the Senate investigates the natural and environmental adversities nagging the famous tourist destination, Senator Juan Miguel Zubiri revealed that the once-perfect island of Boracay can now be similarly compared to Metro Manila with a beachfront property.

As indicated by Zubiri in his opening remarks in Boracay's Senate hearing, the primary thing he observed upon entry on the island's pier, was the exceptionally confined streets which drove him to correlate the travellers destination with the two well known deal markets in Metro Manila which are Divisoria in Manila and Cartimar in Pasay City.

When you arrive in the pier, the first thing you notice is the very narrow roads. You are like in Divisoria, and you are like going to Cartimar in Pasay,” Sen. Zubiri said.

Boracay streets. (CTTO)

The Senator then said that the famous island is presently like Metro Manila with a beachfront property.

We are now like Metro Manila with a beachfront property,” he exclaimed.

Zubiri likewise uncovered that 173 establishments in the area were working without Environment Clearance Certificates and asked local officials how these organizations and businesses could function.

Also amid the hearing, it was disclosed by Environment Secretary Roy Cimatu that five out of the nine wetlands in Boracay had been infringed upon by business establishments, and this was one reason for the water contamination on the island.

Boracay island (CTTO)

It can be recalled that Boracay's ecological issues were spotlighted after President Rodrigo Duterte undermined to shut down the island for being a "cesspool."

Then after, Media reports have indicated areas on the island where the weakening was extreme, with untreated wastewater straightforwardly being released to the water and sewers left revealed.

As per Senator Joel Villanueva, such organisms were brought by the presence of human wastes in the water and resulted in a very high level of coliform microorganisms in a few regions of the island.

Boracay island (CTTO)

He also said that barely 118 out of the 2,600 establishments in the island have release permits for their water wastes.

The senator additionally said that he likewise pondered where the P150 million in yearly environmental fees charges gathered from Boracay travelers went, if the island's condition was not legitimately kept up.

However, Sen. Villanueva said that he himself is not in favor of closing the island down for a half year as this would influence in excess of 90,000 workers subject to the island's tourism as a profession and added that there ought to be a harmony amongst economic and environmental manageability.

There should be a balance between economic and environmental sustainability,” the senator said.

Bulabog Beach, Boracay (CTTO)

Meanwhile, Senator Loren Legarda, said that these issues would not have transpired had environment and local officials legitimately executed the nation's environmental laws.

Legarda also announced that just 50% of the 17.5 million liters of wastewater created every day in Boracay were dealt with and added that 30 to 40 percent of the untreated wastewater originated from both business establishments and local residents.

Thus, Sen. Legarda denoted that if the people just adhered to the environmental laws already established by Congress, then they would not need to be to that Boracay hearing to investigate.

“If we simply comply with environmental laws already enacted by Congress, we would not have to be here to investigate ourselves,” Legarda said.


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