PCOO Usec: "Our President has lived the kind of life where he is hated. But hated by people who do not know him.."

PCOO Usec. Lorraine Badoy and President Rodrigo Duterte (CTTO)

Fresh News: Staunch President Duterte supporter and Presidential Communications Operations Office (PCOO) Undersecretary Lorraine Marie Badoy who's known to be extremely straightforward and outspoken in social media, took the freedom to inspire and define how the pictures, taken by Malacañang pool of photographers, have a world-class feel to them, most extraordinarily the pictures of the President.

On her recent Facebook post, Usec. Badoy interpreted why the President has probably the most delightful photographs we have ever observed.

According to Ms. Lorraine, the President's pool of photographers are from Davao and have known PRRD for a considerable length of time.

President Rodrigo Duterte (CTTO)

She additionally remembers very well how these people discuss their Mayor with love and respect, the way she also feels with the president. That's why everytime those photographers take a picture of him, it is with the eyes of LOVE.

President Duterte (CTTO)

Usec. then impressively characterized, how President Duterte carried on with the sort of life where he is despised by those who do not know him. And all that hate, in any case, is counterbalanced by the compelling love he gets in mass of people who know him.

President Duterte with his supporters (CTTO)

Check out her very inspiring message and full post below:

Usec. Badoy's Facebook post (CTTO)

"I love photos taken by the Malacañang pool of photographers.

The pictures, most specially of the President, have a world-class feel to them.

And lately, nadamay na din ako with an upgrade to my photos. Haha..

I am such a fan of these guys. And I tell them so they know. I also tell them not to take photos of my double chin kundi yari sila saken. So far naman nakikisama sila haha..

Some of the best photos I have ever taken are of people I love. My husband's best photo (if I should say so myself) was by me. And my children's? Me as well. And I love the photos I took of some of the poorest of the poor that I have met through the years.

I think the big difference is when you see others with eyes of love.

So you want to know why the President has some of the most beautiful photos you have ever seen?

His pool of photographers are from Davao and have known him for decades.

I love making chika with these guys (sharing a beer, karaoke-ing). When they talk about their mayor, the love and respect--and yes, fierce protectiveness of him--are all palpable. And familiar--because this is how I feel for our President as well.

Our President has lived the kind of life where he is hated, yes. But hated by people who do not know him. All that hate, however, is cancelled out by the powerful love he gets in tons from people who know him.

By all measures, I think that is an awesome life.

Have a great day, guys. Chika with you later. WORK!"


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