PCOO Usec: "So Astig our President, Rock and roll, Pilipinas!"

PCOO Undersecretary Lorraine Marie Badoy and President Rodrigo Duterte (CTTO)

Fresh News: Presidential Communications Operations Office (PCOO), Undersecretary Lorraine Marie Badoy, once again took the chance to inspire the Filipino people, particularly all Diehard Duterte Supporters by posting her yet another powerful description and confession about the President.

On her recent Facebook post, Usec. Lorraine shout outs to the world how she can best characterized President Rodrigo Duterte.

She then started it with three dynamic Bs; Brave. Brilliant. Bugoy.

Usec. Lorraine also shared a picture of the President wearing a hard-hat and defined the latter 'cute' and 'hard working' while wearing it.

The photo of President Duterte that Usec. Badoy shared on her post. (CTTO)

The PCOO Undersecretary also took pride to tell the world that it is such a 'joy' to be working with President Duterte. A president, according to her, who is so hardworking than any other man she knew, and which excellence is naturally driven that will take the whole nation with him in his own political greatness.

Likewise, Usec. specified that there is nothing more convincing to him than taking care of his work and do it radiantly well, even he gets real tired and spent long hours in the office.

PCOO Undersecretary Lorraine Marie Badoy and President Rodrigo Duterte (CTTO)
Yet, Ms . Badoy admitted that she often see the pain and the exhaustion in him but he never complains. A president so selfless that the country is so lucky to have right now.

And above all, the president made the country rise up again but nevertheless, as per Usec. Lorraine, even how great the President is, he cannot do it alone, so the people of the Philippines must also do their fair share.

Check her inspiring Facebook post below:

Usec. Lorraine Badoy's Facebook post (CTTO)

"Look at our President putting on a hard hat. Cute ha? Haha

What word to describe him best?


Today, let me zero in on this: hard working.

Seriously, have you seen a more hardworking President than this man here?
Lawit na mga dila namin sa sipag nya tapos gusto na namin magmakaawa, “Sir, pwede ba matulog?” Pero we look at him and ikaw na lang mahihiya sa sipag nya. So gaya gaya kami sa lider. Nakikisipag din kami haha..

Working with this President is a JOY. A deep and profound joy that I feel down to my soul. He just keeps going—kahit ano pa ang itapon sa kanya.

All roads in his life have led him to this one moment of transcendence—and he is taking an entire nation with him in his personal and political transcendence.

Whether people adore him or hate him makes no difference to him. Whether they throw bricks at him or flowers, it’s all the same to him. Whether he’s called a dictator or Poon, he just shrugs his shoulders.

Whether you think he’s a blood thirsty murderer or someone who has stopped the slaughter of helpless Filipinos in the hands of drug syndicates/oligarchs, he will wake up, put on his shoes, roll his sleeves up and get to work.

There is nothing more compelling to him than getting the job done and done magnificently well.

No one gets to define him but he himself. No one gets to tell him what it is he must do (except the delusional who needs their meds adjusted). And no one gets to pressure him into thinking one way or another. Unless he allows them to.

So astig our President.

His face is an impenetrable mask and yet this, to me, is as clear as day: the heart and soul of our President. And how his every waking hour is about us.

The most outrageous lies have been told about him and the mighty work he puts forth—and he bears this with a poker face,stands up and puts on that hard hat then goes to work.

And scores have spat on his face and called him the worst names known to mankind and yet he’s borne it—often, even with humor.

Yet sometimes, the strong façade cracks and I see the hurt. He is so strong that people often forget tao lang sha. I see him get real tired. His voice cracks and becomes paos. And at late hours, his shoulders hunch and everything about him is gusot na. From his hair right down to his barong and medjas.

SAP Bong Go said it so well.

Nagpapakamatay ang Pangulo natin para sa atin.

Wala ka na lang talaga puso kung makita mo sha at hindi ka maawa. Some days I want to tell those who keep hitting at him, “Give it a rest, ok fuckers?"

Nagpapasalamat lang ako na kitang kita ang mga resulta. #1 country in the world to invest in. That’s us. Who would have thought this was even possible just 2 years ago?

Who would have thought our country’s awakening and rising was going to happen in our lifetime?

But as great as our President is, he cannot do it alone.

Not even if we who are in government do our best for you guys.

We must each do our share. Kapit-bisig.

So those hard hats? Wear them, my dears. Then roll up your sleeves and let’s get to work.

The country we’ve always wanted to be is calling to us.

Rock and roll, Pilipinas!


Source:  Facebook

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