Philippines Ranked No. 1 in Best Countries to Invest

Rizal Park, Manila, Philippines (CTTO)

Fresh News: It has been said that to qualify as a 'country worthy of investment', fixed guidelines must be met.

World Bank Group, U.S. News then directed the report and distinguished the best nations to put resources into for 2018.

The said group report featured four factors; the nation's kin or people, environment, relationships, and framework, that push both individuals and companies to invest in a given nation's natural resources , markets, advancements, or brands.

Just recently, U.S News released their 2018 Best Countries Ranking.

To decide the general rundown, U.S. News overviewed more than 21,000 individuals worldwide around 80 distinct nations, estimating them on 65 unique properties, including cultural influence, entrepreneurship, and quality of life.

For the best countries to put resources into positioning, U.S. News concentrated on only eight of the 65 properties: entrepreneurship, economic stability, favorable tax environment, innovation, skilled labor, technological expertise, dynamism, and corruption.

Reactions from more than 6,000 review members, who go about as chiefs in business around the world were then used to decide the ranking.

Below are the countries that made it to Top 10. The lists of the countries also include their population, Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and GDP growth percentage.

10. Oman -Population: 4.4 million, Total GDP: $66.3 billion, GDP growth: --%

The mosque in Sur, harbor in Oman, Arabian Peninsula (CTTO)

9. India - Population: 1.3 billion, Total GDP: $2.3 trillion, GDP growth: 7.1%

Dholera Smart city, India (CTTO)

8. Thailand - Population: 68.9 million, Total GDP: $406.8 billion, GDP growth: 3.2%

The River Kwai, Ayutthaya’s ruins, Bangkok, Thailand (CTTO)

7. Spain - Population: 46.4 million, Total GDP: $1.2 trillion, GDP growth: 3.3%

City of Malaga, Spain (CTTO)

6. Australia - Population: 24.1 million, Total GDP: $1.2 trillion, GDP growth: 2.8%

Sydney, Australia (CTTO)

5Singapore - Population: 5.6 million, Total GDP: $297.0 billion, GDP growth: 2%

Lion City, Singapore (CTTO)

4. Malaysia - Population: 31.2 million, Total GDP: $296.4 billion, GDP growth: 4.2%

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (CTTO)

3Poland - Population: 37.9 million, Total GDP: $469.5 billion, GDP growth: 2.9%

Wroclaw, Poland (CTTO)

2. Indonesia - Population: 261.1 million, Total GDP: $932.3 billion, GDP growth: 5%

Jakarta, Indonesia (CTTO)

1Philippines - Population: 103.3 million, Total GDP: $304.9 billion, GDP growth: 6.9%

The most beautiful places in the Philippines (CTTO)

Source:  Business Insider

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