PET Lawyer: "Upang mabura ang ebidensya ng dayaan, Battery solution ang kailangan!"

Atty. Glenn Chong and a photo of PET from Philippine Star (CTTO)
Glenn Chong, an election lawyer and a former Congressional representative, once again took to social media and shared his latest update on the very controversial ballot recount for vice presidential race.

Atty. Chong, an advocate of fair and clean elections, posted on his Facebook page and shared a news from Philippine Star about an alleged findings of Presidential Electoral Tribunal (PET) wherein ballots are said to to have been soaked in liquid chemicals, as well as jumbled election documents during the fourth week of the ongoing recount.

Atty. Glenn Chong (CTTO)

According to Chong, wet ballots from Canaman and Garchitorena, Camarines Sur that were discovered last week were saturated with chemicals.

Likewise, the lawyer said that as per the report of Philippine Star, ballots have been powdery and prints have been deleted.

Those ballots were powdery and no longer readable as the prints were erased. That would have not been the case if they were soaked only in water,” the source of Philippine Star explained.

VP ballots from Camarines Sur (CTTO)

In addition, Philippine star reported that the PET, for still unknown reasons, only managed to retrieve 16 of the 36 ballot boxes from Canaman. And of those 16 ballot boxes, 11 had wet contents. There were also ballots that were placed inside a plastic bag in the town.

Additionally as per the report, a week ago, revisers discovered voter's receipts that were stirred up with other clustered precincts and the insider exposed that when revisers opened ballot boxes from the town of Gainza in Camarines Sur, the voter's receipts found inside the boxes did not coincides to their respected clustered precincts but rather to different areas.

Presidential Electoral Tribunal (CTTO)

Former Senator Bongbong Marcos and VP Leni Robredo (CTTO)

However, the said insider would not state if these most recent discoveries could be confirmation of evidence of tampering of poll results, clarifying that their task is just to conduct manual recount and such conclusion ought to be left for the court to settle on.

With all the reports and new discoveries, Atty. Chong then mentioned and suspected that those liquid chemical were used to eradicate evidence of fraud.

Below is Atty. Glenn Chong's Facebook post:

Screenshot of Atty. Glenn Chong's Facebook post (CTTO)


"Nang bumaha ng basang balota sa PET noong nakaraang linggo, nangangamoy ng kemikal ang mga balota, lalong-lalo na yung galing sa Canaman at Garchitorena, Camarines Sur."

"Ayon sa report na ito ng Philippines Star, powdery na ang mga balota at nabura na ang mga prints nito. Hindi nagkakaganito ang mga balota kung simpleng tubig lang ang bumasa sa mga ito. Kaya ito ang kinalabasan ng mga balota ay dahil battery solution ang ginamit. Ito ang pinaghihinalaan ngayon na ginamit upang mabura ang ebidensiya ng dayaan."

Source: FacebookPhilstar

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