Well-Known Duterte Supporter to Kris Aquino: "Tama yan Krissy! Sabihin mo sa Amin Lahat! Laban lang!"

Krizette Laureta Chu and Kris Aquino (CTTO)

Social media personality and well-known writer, Krizette Laureta Chu took to social media to show her support to actress, Kris Aquino's very controversial brewing feud with Korina Sanchez, journalist and television host.

Known as one of President Duterte's fearless supporters, Chu on her recent Facebook post, blatantly backs up Kris Aquino over a shocking Instagram post of the latter made two days ago that lashed out against her former daytime show co-host Korina Sanchez over a feature that Sanchez did on Kris' ex-husband, basketball player James Yap.

James Yap and Kris Aquino (CTTO)

On the said Instagram post, Aquino said that she actually had enough and revealed that she just endorsed candidates because her brother, former President Noynoy Aquino, just asked her to. She also made a shocking announcement by saying that it is now clear to her why President Duterte won the Presidency back then.

Kris Aquino and Korina Sanchez (CTTO)

That post of Kris Aquino went viral and has made a huge following all over social media that made a lot of netizens reacted to it differently.

One of those is Krizette Chu, who assent with Kris' action to blurt out her feelings and finally say the truth.

Krizette Laureta Chu (CTTO)

Chu highlighted on the post, what kind of friend Korina Sanchez is, and advise Aquino to bring everything she knows about them (yellows) and tell the world the kind of person they are and just fight for what she believes is right.

The writer also shared screenshots of some netizen's reactions and comments on Aquino's post and how the latter answered indignantly to each and everyone one of them.

Screenshot of comments of Kris Aquino's IG post (CTTO)

Screenshot of comments of Kris Aquino's IG post (CTTO) 
Screenshot of comments of Kris Aquino's IG post (CTTO)

Ms. Chu likewise said that "Yellow" fans of Kris Aquino should not be disappointed because they need to understand the latter's feelings as a mother. If those fans will not understand, then, they are not really real fans and supporters of the actress.

She then ended her post by saying "MAS OK dito sa Amin, Kris.)

Below is Ms. Krizette Laureta Chu's full Facebook post:

Screenshot of Krizette Chu's Facebook post

"Tama yan, Krissy!

Ginamit ka dati, LIBRE pa habang bayad ni Mar yung mga iba like JR (lol nasan na yon), Billy Crawford, Daniel Padilla para sa campaign--and you endorsed him for free! Ilang milyon ang na tipid nila sayo, pinambayad Lang sa hindi kasing sikat sayo.

Di ba kahit dati pa nag aaway na talaga kayo ni Korina nyan but you said yes because your brother rarely asks you for a favor?

At ano ang isusukli sayo ng Korina na yan? I feature ang ex mo in the middle of a huge fight. Anong gusto nya palabasin? Na mabuting tao si James? At Ikaw ang masama?

NEVER MIND THAT. Did she at least have the decency to text you "IM SORRY KRIS, MANAGEMENT DECISION I CANT STOP THEM BUT THIS IS WHATS GONNA HAPPEN THIS SUNDAY..." did she at least gives you a heads up and an apology?

Siya yung friend na TAKE NG TAKE NG TAKE, but at the drop of the hat ilalaglag ka for her own benefit!

Thank You God not only because you didn't give us Mar as President but also Korina as First Lady. That would have been the worst thing ever.

Anong klaseng "kaibigan" o kahit naman lang "kapartido" itong Korina?

Mas importante pala sa feelings mo ang ratings ni Korina. Wow ha. Wag na Lang feelings mo. Feelings ng pamilya mo. User ever tong Korina.

With friends like her, who needs kaaways?

Sige Kris, ilabas mo lahat ng nalalaman mo tungkol sa kanya! Sabihin mo sa mundo ang kasamaan nila. Sige Kris wag kang magpigil. Ikaw naman ngayon ang magpakita ng galit. Sabihin mo sa amin lahat! LABAN LANG. Laban!

PS: mga kakubol, sabay sabay nating namnamin ang bitter tears ng mga super "disappointed" "Yellow" fans ni Kris. (Isa pa yang mga fans na yan, mas importante sa kanila yung pagtakpan si Korina kesa pagpahalagahan ang feelings ni Kris. Anong klaseng fans yan? Dito sa amin, kung sino ang tama sya ang kinakampihan. So mas importante na pgtakpan si Korina kesa yung feelings ni Kris bilang nanay? HINDI KAYO TOTOONG FANS. MAS OK dito sa Amin, Kris.)"

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