Agot Isidro warns politicians in social media: "Magsilbi sa Pilipino, di sa isang tao"

Agot Isidro (CTTO)

Beside her acting hacks, Agot Isidro is known for being vocal on different national issues. She is likewise unafraid to get out the individuals who she thinks are oppressors of society, at whatever point she sees an inequality.

On her recent twitter post, the actress once again voiced out her opinion and was brave to talk her psyche as she discussed about local politicians lately.

Screenshot of Agot Isidro's tweet (CTTO)

Agot Isidro (CTTO)

Without naming names, she initially said "Hats off to you," tending to "politicos" who take part in online networking.

Isidro at that point gave a warning and suggests that in the event that these politicians do as such to curry support to one who's unmistakably incompetent, think again because according to the actress, people are now slowly waking up.

And as though to ensure that her warning is clear, she then finished her post with a challenge to those people who are in public service and scolded that they need to gather themselves and serve not just one individual but all the Filipino people.

Agot Isidro (CTTO) 

"Para sa mga politico who engage on socmed. Hats off to you."

"But if you do so to curry favor to one who's clearly inept (& with dwindling numbers), advice lang: rethink your strategy. Nagigising na ang mga tao."

"Sa totoo lang, umayos kayo! Magsilbi sa Pilipino, di sa isang tao."

Some of her followers commended her for being bold to call out the public servants, with some even asks her to run for public office in the coming 2019 elections.

But there are also people who bash the actress for being frank about her perspectives. Then again, she seems unaffected and consistently posts her commentaries in social media.

It can be recalled that Isidro has also gotten out politicians at the House of Representatives who voted for the P1,000 budget for the Commission on Human Rights. The actress was likewise vocal about her contemplations on the report about China building air and maritime bases in the West Philippine Sea.


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