Jay Sonza to Pangilinan, Enriquez, Clavio: "Better Apologize NOW to Ben Tulfo and his family!"

Arnold Clavio, Kiko Pangilinan and Mike Enriquez (CTTO)

Veteran journalist, broadcaster and former TV host, Mr. Jay Sonza once again was fearless to speak his mind as he talked about the latest government issue regarding the advertising placement of Department of Tourism (DOT).

Known for being vocal on various national issues, Sonza was unafraid to call out those who he believes are obstruction to the government.

On his recent Facebook post, Sonza explained that there is actually no violation made on the advertising placement of Tourism Department since it is a government agency that is just supporting a broadcast network that is also owned by the government.

Department of Tourism (CTTO)


He then pointed out that the Commission on Audit reports clearly stated that the contract is just between DOT and the People's Television (PTV) Network, and not with the Production House of Bitag which is a duly registered corporation in the Philippines.

It can be recalled that Senator 'Kiko' Pangilinan calls for Ombudsman probe of DOT advertising deal between the Department of Tourism (DOT) and PTV-4.

Tourism Secretary Wanda Teo, however, maintained that there is no conflict of interest in the advertising deal because DOT entered the contract with PTV-4, not Kilos Pronto's producer. She included that it was the station's own particular choice to put the advertisements in her brothers' show because of its high ratings.

Kilos Pronto of PTV-4 with Alex Santos, Ben Tulfo and Erwin Tulfo (CTTO)

Bitag Media Unlimited Inc. (CTTO)
Now with all the reports stating that the Tulfo brother's are innocent and there is actually no truth to Pangilinan and other network's allegations, Sonza then seized and slammed Kiko Pangilinan and GMA Network's reporters, Mike Enriquez and Arnold Clavio for reporting that the Tulfo brothers were the ones who made the contract with DOT.

Sonza then made it clear and sets the record straight by saying that not only PTV signed a contact with DOT. The truth is, there are more millions of money that goes to private broadcast networks like ABS-CBN, GMA, CNN Phils., BBC, CNN International and Discovery Channel, compared to the amount that goes to government television like PTV 4.

The veteran journalist then blasted Pangilinan, Enriquez, Clavio and others and said that they need to look within themselves first before hitting someone because of enormous envy. Sonza likewise said that he only can count within his fingers those people who do not have the charge of corruption (payola) coming from both the government and private sectors.

Senator Kiko Pangilinan (CTTO)

Mike Enriquez and Arnold Clavio (CTTO)

Sonza even warned them not to challenge him because according to him, he knows them personally.

In addition, Mr. Sonza gave a word of advice to his former colleagues at GMA and said that they better apologize NOW to Ben Tulfo and his family and again warned that they can mess around with any of Erwin, Mon, Raffy and others, but not with Ben.

The veteran journalist then ended his post by giving a message to Tulfo brothers written in their own dialect that says "Kisom, kaitin Ben, Mon, Raffy, Erwin, yadi lang ang kanmong igsoon. Paglaungan lang. The mountains of Man-ay, Davao Oriental is where we grew under the strict discipline of our parents."

"Madayaw na adlaw kaninyo kamayo.", Sonza added.

Below is Jay Sonza's full Facebook post:

Screenshot of Jay Sonza's Facebook post

"Ito ang nagdudumilat na katotohanan sa isyu ng advertising placement ng Tourism Department:

What is so wrong with a government agency putting more money back into a government agency/controlled corporation? Ano ba ang ikinasama ng gobyerno, upang suportahan ang isang broadcast network na pagmamay-ari din naman ng gobyerno?

Malinaw po sa report ng Commission on Audit na ang kontrata ng DOT at sa kanilang pagitan ay sa People's Television (PTV) Network, HINDI SA PRODUCTION HOUSE NG BITAG na isang duly registered corporation in the Philippines.

Ang tanga-tanga lang nina Sen. Kiko Pangilinan, broadcaster Mike Enriquez ng GMA at iba pa na pilit na pinagsasabi na sa mga magkakapatid na Tulfo nakipaskontrata ang DOT, samantalang wala naman bahid ng katotohanan.

But let me first set the record straight. P196,000,000.00 (196)million ang napunta sa private broadcastibng network at P60 million lamang ang napunta sa government television. Hindi lang sa PTV nakipagkontrata ang DOT. ABS-CBN - 11.5 million; GMA - 11.5 milyon; CNN Phils. - 20 million; BBC - 51 million; CNN International - 51 million; at Discovery Channel - 51 million.

By world standard in promoting a tourism destination and its country like the Philippines, wala sa kalingkingan ang ginastos ng DOT. Tingnan nyo ang Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia, Maldives, Dubai at ibang nais mapansin ng mundo, gumagastos sila ng mula US$100 million hanggang US$1 billion o halagang P5 to 50 billion in TV ad placements.

Kiko Pangilinan, Mike Enriquez, Arnold Clavio at mga nagmamalinis na mga announcer, manalamin muna kayo, bago kayo bumatikos, dahil lamang sa matinding inggit. Sa totoo lang bilang ko sa aking mga daliri ng isang kamay kung sino sa inyo ang walang bahid ng corruption (payola) coming both from the government and private sectors. At huwag nyo akong hamunin, dahil personal ko kayong kakilala.

Word of advise mister excuse me po, my former colleague at GMA, better apologize NOW to Ben Tulfo and his family. Mess around with any of them, Erwin, Mon, Raffy at others, not with Ben.

You will never hear the end of it. Sasabog lahat ng baho at aalingasaw ito ng matindi pa sa corruption ng Aquino Administration.

You've been warned my friends.

Kisom, kaitin Ben, Mon, Raffy, Erwin, yadi lang ang kanmong igsoon. Paglaungan lang. The mountains of Man-ay, Davao Oriental is where we grew under the strict discipline of our parents.

Madayaw na adlaw kaninyo kamayo."

Source: Facebook

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