NY Univ. Alumna's Open Letter to Yellows: "Mula ngayon ha, wag niyo na atakihin si Marcos kasi si Kris, partner nya sa kasal si BBM."

Krizette Chu, Bongbong Marcos, Kris Aquino ( Photo credits to Ms. Chu Facebook account and ABS-CBN News)

Well-known writer, New York University alumna and a very fearless social media personality, Krizette Laureta Chu, once again fired a powerful shot and wrote an open letter to the oppositions and the 'yellows' regarding the recent controversial confession and admission of actress Kris Aquino giving social media funds to Nicko Falcis.

In a reply to a comment on one of her latests Instagram post, Kris Aquino admitted that she gave her former project manager funds to boost social media posts so that she could protect her brother, former President Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III, against internet trolls.

Photo shared by Ms. Chu. (Credit to her Facebook account and Kris Aquino's Instagram account)

Chu then shared a screenshot of the said reply of Kris and bravely addressed her recent Facebook post to the 'yellows' or the opposition and instructed them not to attack the Marcoses because Bongbong was Kris' partner on one of the weddings the latter attended.

"Mula ngayon ha, wag niyo na atakihin si Marcos kasi si Kris, partner nya sa kasal si BBM.", Chu wrote.

Prior to this powerful instruction from Chu, she mentioned how the 'yellows' battled and opposed those people who shows support to the Marcoses and now all of a sudden, Kris admits funding social media campaigns, but of all the people, she instructed not to attack and exempt their family's number 1 enemy?

How ironic life can be.

Below is Krizette Chu's full Facebook post:

Screenshot of Ms. Chu's post (Credit to her Facebook account)

"Dear Yellows,

Here's the most interesting thing about your Princess Kris Aquino admitting giving money to help Jover Laurio destabilize, attack, and smear this government.

She says she left instructions not to attack BBM kasi "wala akong issue sa Marcos children, katuwang ko si BONGBONG sa kasal ni Toni and Paul, law firm ni liza marcos ang nag handle at nagpanalo ng annulment ko."

Chew on this slowly.

Now, isipin niyo kung paano nyo awayin lahat yung ayaw mag salita laban kay Marcos or madikit lang sa Marcos. Let's say Lea Salonga, na gustong gusto nyong binabash just because she said that the Marcoses supported the arts during her time. Or Vice Ganda, just because she had a picture with Imee.

Or lahat nang Marcos supporters na pinagsasabihan ninyo nang MAKASARILI kasi nakinabang sila sa Marcoses.

Now balik tayo sa Prinsesa ninyo, na nag iwan pa ng instruction kuno--not to touch the Marcoses just because katuwang nya as ninong si BBM at si Liza Marcos ang nag handle ng annulment nya.

Of all the reasons not to touch the Marcoses, have you found--inclusive of everyone you hate-- a reason as self centered and as selfish as those that your Princess gave?

NAKAKALOKA. Dahil lang sa kasal at sa law firm, sinabi nya kay Nicko wala daw sya problema sa mga Marcoses KAHIT NA LAHAT NG KAPWA NYA YELLOW SAY THE MARCOSES slayed HER DAD.

O may panama ba ang rason ng ibang pro Marcos sa rason ni Kris kung bakit ipina pa spare nya ang Marcoses against attack?

Go on Kris Aquino, talk more and dig a deeper grave for yourself.

At sa mga Yellows, anong feeling na the most selfish and superficial answer on why you shouldnt attack the Marcoses came not from Lea or Sharon or those given Nutribun when they were kids, but from the daughter of your fallen hero?

Mula ngayon ha, wag niyo na atakihin si Marcos kasi si Kris, partner nya sa kasal si BBM.

Lol. Pait."

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