Fearless Writer to Mar Roxas and Aquino's Officials: "Mga Walang Puso, Puro Porma!"

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Well-known writer, New York University alumna and a very fearless social media personality, Krizette Laureta Chu, once again fired a powerful shot and shared a throwback post on Facebook, she made five years ago.

The post was about Chu's disheartenment and dismay to the Aquino administration back in 2013 over Tacloban's situation due to typhoon Yolanda.

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"Hi, Mar Roxas. Just reminding people what kind of people Aquino's officials were. Mga walang puso, puro porma.", Krizette wrote.

She likewise said that the post is a actually a backslide when the Aquino government thought more about public and media depiction, than how Tacloban was getting by after the typhoon.

"Throwback to when the Aquino government cared more for public perception and media portrayal than how Tacloban was surviving after Yolanda. I wrote this not even 3 weeks after the typhoon.", she added.

Mar Roxas | Photo credit to Philstar
The said 2013 post made by Krizette was full of letdowns to the previous administration, that she allegedly wanted to quit that government and filed a complaint in court against them for messing up and being inefficient throughout the disaster in Tacloban.

She also made clear that the post was just a rant and not a fact or a statement.

Check out her full throwback post below:

Screenshot of Ms. Chu's post | Credit to her Facebook account 

"I EFFIN WANT TO QUIT THIS GOVERNMENT. Follow Tacloban's development on social media CLOSELY, don't believe the drivel local news stations feed you. Yesterday, DSWD Secretary Dinky Soliman met with some businessmen in Tacloban to, among other things, encourage them to open their businesses because, she implied, DSWD cannot handle giving away 1M relief goods every day. So is this WHY all the news on TV that we see have a "positive" spin, to encourage businessmen to re-open? Dinky, why would you do that when the govt has received 14.5 BN pesos in donations? And what 1M relief goods? Walang 1 million packs na nakikita sa Leyte! We understand relief goods cannot go on forever, but where are the rehab efforts? Why should the local businesses to take up the slack when your government has amassed enough donations to actually reconstruct Tacloban little by little? 

Why would the local businessmen--who are understaffed, overwhelmed, and terribly out of stock, re-open their businesses hastily when our government has not even paved the way for a safe and secure environment for them? What you don't see in the news is the fact that the additional military from Luzon will be pulling out soon. There is no electricity. The price of bananas is at P100 a bunch. What the hell are you trying to do? The government Is pulling a smoke-and-mirrors effect and forcing everyone to think that ALL IS WELL, when Tacloban is BADLY in need of rehabilitation. We should have been warned the minute they fired Gen. Soria for saying that the death toll could be at 10,000. They dont want the truth, because the truth exposes their inefficiency! SAAN BA PUWEDE MAGHAIN NG DEMANDA LABAN SA GOBYERNO FOR FUCKING THIS ALL UP?


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