Former TV Host on the upcoming 2019 midterm election: "Meet your outstanding senators"

Sonza, Pimentel, Trillanes and Aquino (Photo credit to the owner)
Veteran journalist and former TV host, Jay Sonza, once again took to social media to bestow an extremely striking insight about some Philippine senators that he actually described as "outstanding".

Sonza, who is patent for being fearless in speaking his mind over different national and political issues, posted in Facebook and again expressed his dismay and cleverly ranked few senators from outstanding to honorable mention.

The veteran journo then named three senators and described them one by one.

For outstanding senators he labeled Senator Koko Pimentel as the most powerful and biggest spender of all.

Senator Koko Pimentel (Photo credit to ABS-CBN)
He likewise named Senator Trillanes as having the most number of absences and the most lazy among others.

Senator Antonio Trillanes IV (Photo credit to Philippine Star)
He further mentioned Senator Bam Aquino and described the latter as credit grabber. 

Senator Bam Aquino (Photo credit to Rappler)
Below is his full Facebook post:

"meet your outstanding senators:

1. koko pimentel -pinaka malakas gumastos o biggest spender sa lahat
2. sonny trillanes - pinaka maraming pagliban o pinaka maraming absent o pinaka tamad at ikalawa sa pinaka gastador.
@ report ito ng COA

honorable mention:
1. Bam Aquino - lahat ng ipinasang Batas ay inaangkin niya at siya ang may akda kahit 10 o dosena ang author ng panukala."

Source: Jay Sonza

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