Jay Sonza writes a Striking Open Letter to both Pro and Anti-Duterte: "Be careful with what you wish for.."

Jay Sonza | President Rodrigo Duterte | CTTO
Veteran journalist, broadcaster and former TV host, Mr. Jay Sonza, once again took his stand to social media and expressed his frustrations of what he thought were wrong to both Pro and Anti-Duterte.

On a Facebook post, Sonza addressed one of the country's main problem and identified that the root of all conflicts and difficulties are actually the people around the President, may it be his allies or enemies.

The veteran journo then warned both the pro (Dutertards) and anti (Yellowtards) to be cautious with what they wish for and to stop for some time and consider upon the conceivable outcomes of what they do.

"I am writing this piece for both the administration and the opposition. For the pro (Dutertards) and anti (Yellowtards) let us pause for a while and ponder upon the possible consequences of what we do. And please, be careful with what you wish for.", Sonza wrote.

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Sonza initially reprimanded the opposition for all the hates and criticisms they have been throwing to President Duterte and showing conduct unbecoming of a true leader for the Filipino people.

He scolded them for being disrespectful and rude to the President. That as per Mr. Sonza, some even spend a lot of money just to bring the President down, others allegedly even hired people to commit a murderous killing just to connect it in his drug-fighting campaigns, and worst, some allegedly even challenges the President to enforce violent steps that can lead to bloody events. All of these, according to the broadcaster, is due to their intention to destroy the President before the eyes of his fellowmen and the world.

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The veteran journo likewise chided the pro-administration and said that they are gradually falling into the trap set around by the resistance because those people around him who seemingly should talk on his behalf are allegedly sleeping on their job, that they are actually allowing the opposition to grab hold of the force by way of mainstream media.

Mr. Sonza moreover said that these things occurring in the country is really not a decent sign for it's improvement, hence, the only thing he is certain is that President Duterte won't let his kin and the next generation fall because above all, he genuinely love the country and his people.

Read his full Facebook post below:


"I am writing this piece for both the administration and the opposition. For the pro (Dutertards) and anti (Yellowtards) let us pause for a while and ponder upon the possible consequences of what we do. And please, be careful with what you wish for.

To the opposition - From the day Duterte won the election in 2016 up today, hindi na ninyo tinigilan iyong mama. Hindi ninyo matanggap ang inyong pagkatalo. You have manifested conduct unbecoming of true leaders for the Filipinos

You have thrown even the kitchen sink. Every conceivable tricks have been employed to make sure Mr. Duterte is destroyed before the eyes of his fellowmen and the world. You have been spending considerable amount of monies to bring him down.

You have conducted mass actions and release money for rally organizers who pocketed the funds. You put up dozens of social media sites to get support from the netizens as against three (3) pro-admin sites to no avail.

Kung paniniwalaan ang mga balita at sabi-sabi, iyong ilan sa inyo ay nakikipagtulungan pa sa mga dayuhang bansa upang pabagsakin si Digong. Ang iba naman ay nanuhol pa upang gumawa ng karumadumal na pamamaslang upang ikabit sa kampanya ng gobyerno laban sa droga.

Kung bastusin ninyo ang presidente ay ganoon ganoon na lamang. Wala kayong pakundangan. Tila naghahamon pa kayo sa pangulo na magpatupad pa ng mga mararahas na hakbang na maaring mauwi sa madugong pangyayari.

To the pro admin people - you are slowly but surely falling into the trap laid down by the opposition who are out to unseat the duly elected president. Mr. Duterte himself is going berserk and almost always behaving like a pitbull, an attack dog. Hindi ko mapigilang isipin kung minsan na nag-aasal hayup ang presidente ng bansa.

Madalas na siyang mapikon. Iyong dating pamumutawi ng bulaklak ng bibig na pangungusap ay nagiging tunog sanggano na. While I appreciate his sarcasm, he has become irresponsibly irk most of the time in his pronouncements.

It is bad enough that he talks this way, it is doubly bad because people around him who are supposed to speak on his behalf are sleeping on their job. Truth to tell, the opposition is almost always 2 to 3 steps ahead in messaging and vilification campaign.

They have allowed the opposition to take hold of the momentum by way of the mainstream media. Hindi ko masisi ang mga ito na palaging laman ng balita ang kalaban ng administrasyon, dahil sa kupad ng mga bata ni Digong sa communication.

The only saving grace of Mr. Duterte are the people themselves, especially the netizens. Their undying support for the former mayor is absolute. He is also lucky to have the backing of 3 well followed bloggers and a few indie opinion writers and broadcasters

I said in the beginning "be careful with what you wish for," because at the rate things are developing - iyong walang habas na paninira sa pangulo, iyong sinasabing pakikipagkuntsaba sa CIA, iyong trending na pagdausdos sa survey at lalo na iyong hayagang paghahamon sa pagkalalaki ng presidente, nakupo delikado iyan.

Sa kabilang dako naman, iyong tikas na tindig ni Mr. Duterte na hindi niya hahayaang mahulog sa kumunoy ang mamamayan at ang susunod na henerasyon, kung hindi nyo siya aruk, mag-isipisip kayo. Iyong nababasa at naririnig kong mga pahayag ng ordinaryong tao na ipaglalaban nila hindi lamang ng pitpitan ng bayag, kundi patayan ang pangulo, nakupo hindi magandang pangitain iyan.

Isa lang ang alam ko, Si Rodrigo Roa Duterte ay ibang-iba kay Ferdinand Marcos at Joseph Estrada, Digong is literally madly in love with his country and people."

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