New York Univ Alumna on Pope's Revelation: "All in all, it's really time to wave the white flag, LP!"

Krizette Laureta Chu | Archbishop Socrates Villegas | CTTO
New York University alumna and a very fearless writer and social media personality, Krizette Laureta Chu, once again discharged a ground-breaking shot and wrote an honest opinion regarding Pope Francis's shocking revelation about priests and bishops sexually abusing nuns. 

The news of the Pope's announcement allegedly broke when he boarded his plane, which was returning to Rome from the UAE.

Pope Francis | CTTO
This revelation elicited mixed reactions among netizens. One of which is  Krizette Laureta Chu, a fearless social media personality.

On a Facebook post, Chu burns the oppositions, it's priests and bishops, who according to her are corrupt and allow politicians to use the church to unseat President Rodrigo Duterte.

She likewise directly mentioned Soc. Villegas and said that the latter has now nothing to brag about since their own leader, the Pope, is regretting the Church's absurdity.

"Wala na kayong maipagmamalaki. Mismong leader niyo kinakahiya ang katarantaduhan nang Simbahan.", Chu wrote.

Archbishop Socrates Villegas | CTTO
The NY Univ. Alumna then said that with the Pope himself admitting to the crimes of the Church, oppositions and their priest allies no longer have the moral high ground to preach since they themselves can't enforced their own law, thus, with all these things considered, it's truly time for LP (Liberal party) to wave the white flag and supposedly admit defeat.

"All in all, it's really time to wave the white flag, LP.", she ended.

Below is her full Facebook post:

Screenshot of Ms. Chu's post | Credit to her Facebook account
"The Pope admitting, and even, revealing, the sins of the Church he leads is a big win for President Duterte, who has repeatedly called out the hypocrisy of the Catholic bishops.

Nuns as sex slaves? Altar boys raped? This Pope will not look the other way. What a bad time to be the Opposition, who has always banked on the purity of the Church, so by virtue of association, they are thought to be pure themselves.

Maybe it's time to write the Pope and tell him about the cars your bishops ask from Presidents or your corrupt Priests who allow politicians to use--ACTUALLY STAND AND PREACH--on the actual pulpit huh, Soc Villegas?

Wala na kayong maipagmamalaki. Mismong leader niyo kinakahiya ang katarantaduhan nang Simbahan.

The Opposition has banked on two major allies to unseat Duterte.

The US, but Hillary lost. The Catholic Church, but the church no longer has the power to fool people to follow them politically--especially when it has many faults of its own, and that Pope Francis is not a Conservative leader. Pope Francis has NEVER CALLED OUT Duterte, and even has released statements about countries needing to fight the drug menace.

Now, with the Pope HIMSELF admitting to the crimes of the Church, can the Philippine branch pretend they still have the moral high ground to preach, when they cannot--DO NOT--police their own ranks? Ok lang naglalandian nga ang ibang semenarista pa lang ano?

All in all, it's really time to wave the white flag, LP."

Source: Krizette Laureta Chu

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