Pres. Duterte Impersonator Sparkles Excitement at Hong Kong Church

President Duterte's impersonator in Hong kong (Photo credits to AFP and GMA News)
Fresh News: Amid Sunday mass in Hong kong, a Rodrigo Duterte impersonator started craze, excitement and bewilderment to Filipino people when he allegedly walked in to a Hong Kong church prevalent with the city's Filipino community.

Cresencio Extreme, the alleged stage name of the impersonator was said to arrived at St. Joseph's Church dressed in Pres. Duterte's signature relaxed white shirt, and was accompanied by Howard X, a Hong Kong-based impersonator of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un. 

A lot of worshippers during the mass were distracted by the impersonator's stunt, but some ejected into cheers and took photographs of him. Some settled down for the hour-long service, however many kept on smiling and take a glimpse at him.

President Duterte's impersonator in Hong kong (Photo credits to AFP and GMA News)
One skeptical looking lady though, was not able to hide her doubts and questioned if the man is really President Duterte and said that he appeared too youthful to be the Philippines top leader.

"Is that Duterte?" the woman allegedly whispered.

When mass was finished, admirers mobbed Cresencio Extreme outside the church, lots of them shouting and taking pictures with their mobile phones as he, the impersonator, waved at them and shook their hands.

Likewise, others were said to inspect photos of the impersonator, saying it was odd that he did not have any bodyguards and that his identity appeared to be off. 

And while the uttermost did not mind the trick, one woman who distinguished herself as Linda thought that the stunt of the impersonator, going to the church to make as scene was actually  "impolite."

"Coming in here to make a scene—our Duterte is not like that," she said.

SourceGMA News

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