Fearless Blogger on Trillanes: "He is a Dangerous Man. He is a Danger to Himself and the Filipino People."

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Popular blog site, Get Real Philippines, once again published a very remarkable opinion this time regarding the ever controversial opposition senator Antonio Trillanes IV and the latter's being a dangerous man.

According to the site's prominent writer, Ms. Ilda Ignacio, convicted mutineer-turned-Senator Antonio Trillanes is actually a threat to himself and the Filipinos, thus, he ought to be secured up behind bars for good not just for his previous crimes but as well as to keep him from doing further harm to Philippine institutions and people in general.

"Convicted mutineer-turned-Senator Antonio Trillanes is a dangerous man. He is a danger to himself and the Filipino people. He should be locked up in jail for good not just for his crimes in the past, but also to prevent him from doing further damage to Philippine institutions and the public. It’s not just his past activities organising coup d’etats against former President Gloria Arroyo that causes problems, but also his incessant negative propaganda against public officials he considers enemies today, which includes the current President Rodrigo Duterte.", she wrote.

Image of website where article was posted | Credit to Get real Philippines

Ms. Ilda then discussed in her writing how Trillanes does not appear to know when to stop while he is already in trouble, that in the wake of discovering that President Duterte had voided his amnesty, he chose to remain squatted in his office in the Senate, working to stay away from conceivable capture and being sent back to jail. Trillanes then has delighted the protection of the Senate halls for nearly a week now, how the latter is abusing his privileges as a senator and how his uncertain stay in his office in the Senate building is costing public money.

"One would think that the threat of getting thrown back in prison would teach Trillanes to stop mocking his enemies, but the senator doesn’t seem to know when to quit while he is ahead. After finding out that Duterte had voided the amnesty given to him by former President BS Aquino in 2010, Trillanes decided to stay holed up in his office in the Senate building to avoid possible arrest and being sent back to prison. He has enjoyed the protection of the Senate halls for almost a week now and that is how long the circus has been going as well. Of course members of mainstream media who are dying for sound bytes from the senator are also camping in the building.", she said.

The famous blogger likewise calls for Senate President Vicente Sotto III to put an end to all these insanities in light of the fact that it will influence their work amid session time.

She also stressed that other members of the Liberal Party, like Senator Kiko Pangilinan are relentless in calling for more individuals to go and rally in support of Trillanes but unfortunately, not many individuals went. And as per Ms. Ilda, the Filipino people has already come to realise that all the dirt the LP have been tossing at President Duterte were outlandish and are basically negative, hence, the general population have seen through their drained old strategy since they have been doing the same thing again and again against their foes before.

"Liberal Party senators like Kiko Pangilinan are even calling for more people to go and rally in support of Trillanes at the weekend. That is so pathetic. These supporters are just going to make a mess and then leave their garbage in the Senate premises. It’s a good thing not a lot of people went. There are fewer people who support the likes of Trillanes and his Liberal Party allies nowadays. The general public has come to realise that all the mud these LP personalities have been throwing at Duterte were baseless and are simply negative propaganda mounted to rile up the public against him. The people have seen through their tired old tactic since they have been doing the same thing over and over against their enemies in the past.", Ms. Ilda exclaimed.

Correspondingly, Ms. Ilda gave emphasis to the reality that up until this point, the senator has not showed evidence that his application for amnesty adhered to the requirements which indicates that a legitimate application for amnesty ought to be completed and his affirmation of guilt for his crimes put on record in the said application, given the fact that the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) claims “there is no available copy” of Trillanes’ application.

And though media reports and videos indicate Trillanes applying for amnesty in January 2011, the printed material he was holding did not have signatures and verification that it was acknowledged by the proper authorities.

The well-know blogger thereupon assumed that Trillanes and his supporters are crying foul and are blaming the President for utilizing the law as a weapon against him and the irony is actually flying way over their heads since they do not realise how incoherent they are. And since PRRD is using the law, the main answer for their concern is just to follow the law.

Ms. Ilda then again emphasized that Trillanes ought not fear anything in the event that he has the documents needed to keep him out of prison.

"Trillanes and his supporters are crying foul and accusing Duterte of using the law as a weapon against him. The irony is flying way over their heads. They don’t realise how dumb they are. Since Duterte is using the law, then the only solution to their problem is to follow the law. Trillanes should not be afraid of anything if he has the documents needed to keep him out of jail.", she added.

Senator Trillanes | Photo credit to Asian Policy
The very smart blogger also said that she thinks Trillanes has turned into the most recent casualty of the Liberal Party's inadequacy, like Lourdes Sereno who was ousted from her post as Supreme Court Chief Justice. And much the same as Sereno's quandary, Trillanes' situation is the consequence of the Liberal Party's wrong moves, not putting in order the proper documentation.

"I think Trillanes has become the latest victim of the Liberal Party’s incompetence. The previous one was Lourdes Sereno who was ousted from her post as Supreme Court Chief Justice. Just like Sereno’s dilemma, Trillanes’s dilemma is the result of the Liberal Party’s reckless moves – not filing the proper documents. They thought they were going to be in power forever and didn’t think it was important to make sure their bases were covered and their i’s and t’s duly dotted and crossed. The lawyers from that party are useless.", the writer said.

Furthermore, Ms. Ilda forenamed that the Presidents decision to put Trillanes back in jail will be favorable to the nation, for it will fill in as obstruction against coup plotters from both the military and public servants.

"What Duterte is doing – putting Trillanes back in prison – will be good for the country. It should serve as deterrent against coup plotters from both the military and public servants. Trillanes should have been dealt with severely then for his actions to overthrow the government. It’s time for Filipinos to realise that throwing the rule book out of the window only puts the country two steps backward.", she said.

But lamentably, as per Ms. Ilda even with the danger of detainment, Senator Trillanes still pledged to go after President Duterte and Solicitor General Jose Calida for his present pickle and according to the blogger, Trillanes should remain quiet and just keep his plans to himself while he is still stuck in an unfortunate situation because clearly, the more he rants, the more they will push for his imprisonment.

She then ended her post by saying that the opposition senator actually appears to 'enjoy digging his own grave.'

"Even with the threat of imprisonment, Trillanes still vowed to one day go after Duterte and Solicitor General Jose Calida for his current predicament. He is evidently not very wise. He couldn’t keep his plans to himself while he is still in deep trouble. He seems to think his enemies will stop what they are doing to him when he threatens them. Obviously, the more he barks, the more they will push for his incarceration. Trillanes seems to enjoy digging his own grave.", Ms. Ilda uttered.

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