Jay Sonza: "Tayo ang may problema. Mr. Duterte can only do so much. In the end, it is us."

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Veteran journalist, broadcaster and former TV host, Mr. Jay Sonza, at one time took his stand to social media and expressed how frustrated he was by all the things that are happening in the country right now.

On a Facebook post, Sonza addressed the nation's core problem and identified that the root of all conflicts and difficulties are actually us, the people of the Philippines.

According to the veteran broadcaster, the Filipinos get used to be contented to having leaders who are socialites and religious but actually robbers and adversaries.

He likewise said that Filipinos are not accustomed to law enforcement in the home country, but abroad is deeply disciplined. That we are not accustomed to no corruption at any branch of government office.

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As per him, we are not well versed with the situation of government workers. We are not accustomed to ruling classes or oligarchs that can not interfere with the course and movements of our community.

Mr. Sonza thinks that the Filipinos are not use to seeing the reality and the truth, but rather are blinded with sugar-coated visions of what our government and society must be.

He additionally said that the people are not prepared with the flow of changes they have long sought for themselves and the nation, that in fact, President Duterte is not the problem, but the people are.

He then ended his post by saying that "Mr. Duterte can only do so much. In the end, it is us."

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Check out his full Facebook post below:

"Tayo ang may problema"

"Immediately after the 2016 presidential elections, I warned that drastic and radical changes and ways are to be expected in Philippine governance. And chances, the Pilipino people will be overtaken by events, because things will happen faster than sleeping and waking up each day.

Nasanay tayo sa dekada ng madali lang iyan, puwede na iyan, okay lang iyan. serbisyong pabalat-bunga. proyektong ok lang kahit wala sa hulog. mga lider na sosyal at relihoso pero magnanakaw at halang ang kaluluwa.

Hindi sanay ang Pilipino sa pagtupad ng batas sa sariling bayan, pero sa abroad ay ubod ng disiplinado. Hindi tayo sanay na walang corruption sa alin mang sangay o tanggapan ng gobyerno. Hindi tayo sanay na todo kung agapan ang kalagayan ng mga manggagawa sa pamahalaan. Hindi tayo sanay na ang mga naghaharing uri o oligarch ay hindi maaring makialam sa takbo at galaw ng ating pamayanan.

In other words, we are not use to seeing the truth, the real. We are blinded somehow with sugarcoated visions of what our government and society must be as painted by a much corrupted and money-oriented-only media conglomerates owned by feudalists. we are bombarded with slogans like walang mahirap, pag walang korap, but in fact, their financial backers are raping the national treasury.

Hindi si Duterte ang problema! Tayo ang may problema. Hindi natin iniadya ang ating sarili na may katotohanan pala sa likod ng mga panaghoy para sa isang matinong gobyerno at lipunang Pilipino, gaya ng mga winika ng ating mga sinaunang pananaw nina del pilar, rizal, bonifacio, lapulapu, dagohoy, sakay at silang.

Opo, tayo ang may problema. Philippine media and the church are largely to be blamed. Media for its part can be explained as cited in the previous statement of ownerships. But the church is a failure in its evangelization efforts to cleans to the minds and souls of simply what is wrong and right. Plain and simple. Some of its leaders sold their churches to the highest bidders using “swing bloc” as their marketing ploy. Bishops and nuns received payolas to address their community project, at the same time go on shopping spree abroad or maintain their human frailities cavorting their churchgoers.

Sa madaling salita, hindi tayo nakakasabay sa agos ng pagbabagong matagal na nating hinangad para sa ating sarili at sa ating saling-lahi. Nasanay tayo sa inaasa natin sa gobyerno o sa ibang tao ang ating dapat sana at ginagawa ng kahit pautay-utay para sa ating sarili. Mapalad iyong mga maagang nagising at kumikilos upang isakatuparan ito.

Mr. Duterte can only do so much. In the end, it is us. "

Source: Jay Sonza

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