PMA Alumnus on Aquino vs Duterte: "Who is more Chinese?"

Former Presidents Noynoy and Cory Aquino | President Rodrigo Duterte | CTTO
Philippine Military Academy (PMA) Alumnus, proud nationalist and political analyst, Dan Jimenez, once again took the freedom to voice his opinion regarding Philippines-China relations then and now.

In a Facebook post, Jimenez asked "Who is more Chinese" between the past administration of the Aquinos (Cory and son, Noynoy) and that of the present administration (President Rodrigo Duterte).

Former Presidents Cory and Noynoy Aquino | CTTO
He then compared the Philippines and China relationship during the Aquinos' regime to that of President Duterte and stated some alleged proofs of how Chinese are the Aquinos then.

According to Jimenez, during former President Cory Aquino's time, the latter actually followed her foundations in terrain China and even visited the place where her Chinese family came from, thus, embraced the 'yellow' as her color trademark.

Likewise, Noynoy Aquino, her son and also former President of the country, allegedly let the Chinese flattened mountains in Zambales to develop the island.

More so, according to Jimenez, Noynoy used Antonio Trillanes to do a backdoor negotiation, rather than a clear diplomatic arrangements with China, which details remain obscure right up 'til the present time.

President Rodrigo Duterte | CTTO
The PMA Alumnus then questioned the amount of money, Aquino's administration assertedly borrowed from the Chinese, hence, defended that at least, with President Duterte's credits to China, the outcomes are truly noticeable, unlike that of former President Noynoy Aquino where debt is unexplained.

 "At least with Duterte's loans, the results are very visible. Where did Abnoy's loans go?" Jimenez wrote.

Below is his full Facebook post: 

Screenshot of Mr. Jimenez' post | Credit to his Facebook account

"Who is more Chinese?

Cory Aquino traced her roots in mainland China and even went to the village where her Chinese side of the family came from. She adopted the "yellow" color as her banner and rallying trademark!

Abnoy Aquino let the Chinese flattened two mountains in Zambales to be used to build up the disputed islands. Then, instead of a transparent diplomatic negotiations, he used Trillanes to do a backdoor negotiation, the terms of which remain unknown to this day. It was after that the Chinese imposed their control. And how much money did Abnoy's administration borrow from the Chinese? At least with Duterte's loans, the results are very visible. Where did Abnoy's loans go?

So, who is more Chinese?


Jíshǐ shì yúchǔn de rén yě zhīdào!"

Source: Dan Jimenez

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