DDS Keyboard Warrior on Pres. Duterte: " I shall keep telling the world about his legend.."

President Rodrigo Duterte | Photo credit to the owner
A DDS page named 'The Keyboard Warrior' on Friday, December 13, 2019, posted a very inspiring opinion expressing his love and pride to President Rodrigo Duterte. 

The said post went viral on social media, moving a lot of netizens particularly Duterte supporters who shared the same admiration for the President.

The post likewise speaks of what kind of leader President Duterte is and how the writer shows delight of his leadership and presidency that according to him he will for sure someday tell his grandchildren the privilege of fighting together with the president.

He too swear that he will never be silenced and will surely tell the world about PRRD's legacy. 

President Rodrigo Duterte | Photo credit to the owner

Below is The Keyboard Warrior's full Facebook post:

I will someday tell my grandchildren that I had lived and witnessed the time when a lowly man from Davao fought for our country and the common Juan. I will tell how he chose to pick up his sword and fought one last time in the twilight of his days and chose to serve the nation instead of enjoying his closing years in peace together with his family. I will tell of his exploits in the war on drugs and how it saved many lives. I will tell how he eradicated laglag bala, how he increased the salaries of his people, and of how he bowed in humility in front of the nation. I will tell how he jiggled and danced despite his physical pains as he inspired his athletes to give their greatest performance. I will tell how he rallied people from all walks of life to help make bayanihan a thing of beauty again by cleaning up Manila bay. He did not make it dirty, but he spearheaded its clean up. He did the same with Boracay. He is not just the punisher, he is the cleaner. I will not only tell with gusto how he stared at the monsters of greed right in the eye, but of how he bravely poked them in the eye!

I will speak of how he made the "Pig" from IloIlo shed big drops of sweat when threatened with the charcoal of justice and the bamboo of truth. I will speak on how he made the oligarchs tremble and wet their pants; how he made them fear his righteous indignation for the havoc and plunder that they have caused the country. I will tell of the time when a leader came from among the people and became deaf to the meddlings, agendas, and suggestions of the international powers, and only listened to the sentiments of the masses. I will tell how he demolished the yellow machinery and reduced them to insignificance. I will proudly boast as to how he spat on the corrupted yellow status quo and rallied us to a better future; a future that the nation deserves. I will speak of how he stripped those pretenders like Leila and Trillanes of their masks and exposed their naked lies and lives for all to see. I will speak how he dragged that female drug personality called Leila to jail where she rightfully belongs and denied her the "saba" for the rest of her days.

I will also tell of that time of the DDS with pride, honor, and a deep sense of patriotism. I will tell how strangers and people from different walks of life felt united and fought side by side for the country. I will tell of the valor of my fellow DDS warriors and how their katanas were soaked with the blood of the monsters of dishonesty and corruption. I will smile and narrate things with a deep sense of appreciation, but also with a tinged of sadness. Because deep inside me, I know that the world would not witness the likes of him again for a long, long, long time :-(

Tatay is old, and father time waits for no one. Someday, when death will take hold of him in its tight embrace, I shall keep telling the world about his legend. I will tell that I had the privilege of fighting together with the greatest leader. His legend will live long after he is gone.

I am The Keyboard Warrior. I will not be silenced. I will tell.


Source: The Keyboard Warrior

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